Clone Commando (Alt.) | RC-1262 'Scorch Minecraft Skin
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Clone Commando (Alt.) | RC-1262 'Scorch

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commandoCC-9811's Avatar commandoCC-9811
Level 38 : Artisan Pixel Painter
After the long wait, here's another skin for the alternate Delta Squad skins! Hope you enjoy!

This is an alternate skin of my skin for Scorch, using my Clone Commando (Alt.) as a base. Please comment, diamond, and subscribe if you want! Thanks!


RC-1262, AKA 'Scorch', is the heart, soul, humor, and demolitions expert of his elite Clone Commando team, dubbed 'Delta Squad'. Gaining his nickname from an accident in a drill, by detonating explosives prematurely, causing the 'scorching' of his facial hair, Scorch is quick-witted, positive, and always ready to crack a joke along side (or at) his rough-and-tough compatriot, RC-1207 'Sev'. Including him and Sev, his squad contains his leader, the no-nonsense RC-1138 'Boss', and the silent-but-deadly RC-1140 'Fixer'. Being together in one squad, he will stick with them throughout the entire Clone Wars until the last shot, and his dedication to his squad and Galactic Republic unfaltering until the bitter end.

Wookieepedia | RC-1262 'Scorch'


I have plenty of skins, mostly Star Wars based, on my account. If you can comment, diamond, or even subscribe, it would be BOSS-SAUCE!

Thanks for your time and support of my skins! If you want to use my skin as a base or as a reference even, you may. As long as you give me credit for the original skin.


CreditLucas Arts, Mojang AB

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by commandoCC-9811 09/02/2012 8:23:10 amSep 2nd, 2012

Fixed a small faw... actually, each individual part's bottom texture was upside-down :P
May fix the other alternate skins if needed (more than likely :D)

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09/01/2012 10:37 am
Level 22 : Expert Engineer
Kraxous's Avatar
Not bad man :P.
08/31/2012 10:20 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Skinner
solemnote's Avatar
Nice job :D
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