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Cyberpunk Fox - Cyberpunk Reloaded - Skin Contest Minecraft Skin

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avatar Pieberius
Level 46 : Master Fox
The year is 2279. The Galactic federation has turned its back on the under city. What was once a thriving metropolis, has now become neglect and derelict. With the rapid growth of technology, and the city expanding ever upwards. the under city has become ever more run down. Whilst the surface may be for the wealthy the lower levels are much the opposite; the lower you go the more rife with crime the streets become.
One of the lowest levels: Level U016G, Lives a fox, Mattiace. Mattiace is part of one of the smaller under city gangs. In a place with very few laws, none which are enforced, the streets are run by only the most daring gangs, with each smaller gang working for one of the larger gangs. In a corrupt system there is no way to survive on an honest living.
Mattiace was forced to join a gang at an early age. Joining a less disruptive gang that was relatively unknown to the larger operations meant he was almost hidden for a while. Mattiace wasn't one for crime, however it was a forced way of life.
At an early age Mattiace's parents left him to move into an upper level leaving him with friends, over several years he grew fond of his new parents. before coming self sufficient and independent his new parents were arrested by a higher level police force for a crime they didn't commit. This angered Mattiace greatly. Knowing that on his own he wouldn't be able to survive for long it the unforgiving under city he set out to find a new family. Mattiace met this new family in the form of a lesser gang. After Mattiace's new found family was framed for a hacking they didn't commit they too were fugitives of an upper level. and to this day they are all still in hiding, If you have a problem and if you can find them, maybe you can hire "The C-Team"
Format1.8+ Only 64x

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Not the tail!!! : 09/23/2017 7:58:21 amSep 23rd, 2017

Forgot to add the tail and ears :P

09/22/2017 9:54 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Dragon
Nice fox skin. I wish you good luck
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