Erythro Selene, The Crimson Knight (Souless Jam Event) Minecraft Skin

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Erythro Selene, The Crimson Knight (Souless Jam Event)

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Guts N Pixels avatar Guts N Pixels
Level 40 : Master Skinner
As the night sky reddens with the color of blood, and a large ominous moon rises in the darkness above, an entity is casted from the light and crashes onto the crimson surface. He looks upon you, fitted in armor that appears corroded from the blood of many, his eyes pierce your soul in an intense glow of rage as you see your reflection in the silver trim of his plates.

He stands upright, obviously at least two feet taller than you and without a word, raises his arm in your direction as iron scented rain begins coming down from the darkness as red flashes explode in the night. Right before your eyes, an axe begins to manifest in his hand from the bloody rain as if the weapon itself were attracting the substance.

Now he wields this single bladed axe clutched in his hand with only one arm, the blade is chipped and worn with the faint tint of red staining the edges and in the blink of an eye, he lunges at you as quick as the rain drops as if using the falling substance to teleport. A quick swish cuts through the rain as you slide out of the way, you can feel the concussive force of his axe blast the rain out of the way.

As you collect yourself, a red shard of calcified blood slams into your shield with a loud crack, sliding you back a foot. As you recover from the attack, the knight comes flying down from the sky upon you as his axe slams into the ground, causing it to crack and fill with red that seeks its way after you. You dodged his attack, but the blood wraps around your legs and hardens.

The Knight walks up to you casually, and slams the axe into your stomach, and seems to absorb your life force as you are violently lifted and slammed into the ground. You quickly recover and land three slashes into the being, to your surprise the blood escaping his body from your attacks calcify mid-air, and come flying at you one at a time, each hit creates a loud crunch with the first two being blocked as the last one hits you in the chest.

As quick as the object hit you, the knight slides across the bloody ground like a surfer and lands a powerful slam with the pummel of his axe into your helmet, bouncing you a few feet and onto the ground. You quickly get up and slash upward, stunning him temporarily which allows you to impale your weapon into his body for tremendous damage.

After more trading blows and dodging attacks, the knight drops to one knee while holding the handle of his axe. Did you win? The knight laughs, blood swirls around him in a violent hurricane as crimson lightning consistently strikes the cyclone, and with a violent blast the combatant is rejuvenated and standing tall, red lightning courses through his axe and armor, and with a powerful bolt from the sky he defeats you with the charged energy.

You wake up, was it a dream? You seem him floating in the sky as blood swirls around him, waiting for your return. But you are not alone this time, two others beside you are glaring back at the crimson knight.

Who will win...?
CreditAny Inspiration from any knightly souls bosses...

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12/09/2022 12:37 pm
Level 41 : Master Lemon
AxolotlArmyPlayz avatar
12/09/2022 4:23 pm
Level 40 : Master Skinner
Guts N Pixels
Guts N Pixels avatar
Thank you, literally listened to souls music while making it...
12/09/2022 7:50 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
ShiftRex avatar
Try to do a skin for me please
12/09/2022 7:47 am
Level 25 : Expert Scribe
OrderOfChaos avatar
We don’t get many knights from you.
12/09/2022 4:23 pmhistory
Level 40 : Master Skinner
Guts N Pixels
Guts N Pixels avatar
I just don't see knights are something terrifying, maybe fighting one, but appearance wise I just don't feel it fit the bill...

But I love souls games and this event is perfect for knights...
12/08/2022 1:19 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
ShiftRex avatar
12/08/2022 6:57 pm
Level 40 : Master Skinner
Guts N Pixels
Guts N Pixels avatar
Thank you, was wondering if anyone was ever going to comment...
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