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    October 17

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    Group: OC lore art and fun!

    Libra ♎

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    I want my profile to be a safe space for everyone, no matter who you are. You can talk to me about anything. How did your day go? What happened? What's something you need to get off of your chest? I'm here, and I can talk about it. I check PMC fairly often. I'd love to get to know you better.

    Requests Info!
    Art Requests: Yes
    Art Commissions: No
    Art Trades: Yes
    Pixel Art Requests: Yes
    Pixel Art Commissions: No
    Pixel Art Trades: No
    Writing Requests: No
    Writing Commissions: No
    Writing Trades: No
    Player Skin Requests: Yes
    Player Skin Commissions: No
    Player Skin Trades: Yes
    Mob Skin Requests: Yes
    Mob Skin Commissions: No
    Mob Skin Trades: Yes

    To make a request PM me Katfoo10 or leave a guest book post! For art, skins, mob skins and pixel art please provide a reference or a clear idea of what you would like! TY!

    Fandoms!/Things I'd suggest Reading And/or Watching!
    Ahh yes, FANDOMS!!!
    PJO (Percy Jackson)
    HOO (Heroes of Olympus)
    TOA (Trials of Apollo)
    MCGA (Magnus Chase)
    The Camelot Rising Trilogy
    Harry Potter
    Among The Beasts and Briars
    Lunar Chronicles
    Owl House
    Gravity Falls

    Wattpad Info!
    Currently, due to my two stories I'm currently writing, I am unfortunately not taking any sort of writing request! Sorry!

    Links to stories!


    Shadows of the Moon

    OC and Family 🌙🌤🐈‍⬛💾📖🎶🦢

    Way more information on them on my group’s walposts!
    In order, names and roles, I guess?
    Moonstone (OC) Pandemonius/Demon (Her husband) Shadow (Twin sister) Kids: Rosie/Rosetta (Oldest) Tommy/Thomas (2nd oldest) Petunia (3rd) Soeren (4th)

    Eye colors: Moonstone-purple ringed with lavender, Demon-gold, Shadow-red, Rosie-pink, Tommy-electric blue, Petunia-green, Soeren-same blue as picture
    I just did that because I only tweaked hair colors to be proper, some of the eye colors were off.

    Maybe more stuff for them will be added if requested?

    Traits about OC+ family! In order by listed!
    Name | Status | Relation to Moonstone | Trait from me | color


    Queen of Mystica, moon magic keeper



    Purple and silver


    Shadow queen

    Twin sister

    My wish for a sister, darkside

    Red and black


    King of Mystica


    My wish for love, lightness



    Princess, heir of Mystica

    Eldest child, daughter

    Girlyness, tech savvy, academic love

    Pink and pastel blue


    Mystican prince heir of shadow kingdom

    2nd child, son

    Darkside, academic love

    White, and pale blue



    3rd child, daughter

    Love for music and fall/nature

    Green and orange



    4th child, son

    Interest in needle crafts and fashion

    Teal, aqua, blues

    Other Places to Find Me!
    Pixilart: Katfoo10
    Minecraft: Katfoo10
    Deviantart: Katfoo10
    Roblox: Katfoo10

    Anywhere not listed, check for Katfoo10 and see if I'm there. I'm Katfoo10 basically everywhere!

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      March 19, 2023, 10:25 pm to Public
      Okay, so you know my earlier post from last night’s insanity? The one about elven princesses and whatnot? I plan on trying to make that into a romance-y book that I’d probably call “To Die For” which means… character names! Any requests or recommendations for names, I’ll throw them into a few polls, then probably try to do some concept art! <3 (all of this may not happen if i procrastinate it hard enough)
      EccentricEremite said 2023-03-19 23:31:54
      A resource I would suggest is Behindthename.com. very handy when it comes to character names.
      EccentricEremite said 2023-03-19 23:28:57
      Brainstorming idea; if a character is meant to play a particular role in the story, or if they have a deeper story than what is told in the given narrative, or perhaps you are needing the audience to feel a certain ways about the character, you might try finding names that fit or suggest such roles.
      Example: Lilith - this name is associated with the night, particularly because of the demonic mythology behind it. While it is undeniable a very pretty name, people who are aware of its etymology would be on guard when hearing that name, once again due to the story behind it.
      blackconverses said 2023-03-19 22:54:26
      Try pulling some names from Greek mythology. Almost all of them have that kind of elven feel
      LegendarySi said 2023-03-19 22:49:10
      Human names or Elven? (whatever that would be lol)
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