Kamen Rider Revi Mammoth Genome (仮面ライダーリバイ マンモスゲノム) Minecraft Skin
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Kamen Rider Revi Mammoth Genome (仮面ライダーリバイ マンモスゲノム)

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Level 42 : Master Skinner
"Buddy Up! Kyodai na kiba motsu! Riku no boss! Mammoth! Hanakkara climax da ze!"

"Buddy Up! With giant horns! The land boss! Mammoth! It's a climax since the beginning!"

Mammoth Genome
(マンモスゲノム) is a form of Kamen Rider Revi, based on Kamen Rider Den-O and a mammoth.

This form is accessed using the Mammoth Vistamp (マンモスバイスタンプ) and the Revice Driver (リバイスドライバー).

Stats and parts from TV Asahi (Kamen Rider Revi Mammoth Genome information at TV-Asahi, some creative liberty was taken to fix typos in the official text), translated into English:
  • Height: 198.0 cm
  • Weight: 106.9 kg
  • Punching Power: 14.8 t
  • Kicking Power: 36.8 t
  • Maximum Running Speed: 4.4 s per 100 m
  • Maximum Jump Height: 16.4 m
Parts of Kamen Rider Revi Mammoth Genome and their functions:
  • Mammoth Revi Head (マンモスリバイヘッド): The helmet.
  • Mammoth Revi Top (マンモスリバイトップ): The helmet armor. The Nose Rail (ノーズレール), dampens the force of impact received on the head.
  • Mammoth Revi Eye (マンモスリバイアイ): The compound eyes. They can accurately capture targets in environments with low visibility, such as during blizzards or storms.
  • Mammoth Revi Horn (マンモスリバイホーン): The horns. The metal made of Astmetalm (アストメタルム) increases dramatically increases the rigidity of the helmet.
  • Mammoth Revi Crusher (マンモスリバイクラッシャー): The mouthplate. By adjusting the temperature of air taken in, it protects the respiratory system of the user in extreme temperatures.
  • Mammoth Embreast (マンモスエンブレスト): The chestplate. The symbol engraved on the chest provides the abilities of a mammoth.
  • Mammoth Gasher (マンモスガッシャー): A pair of boomerang weapons mounted on the back. They can be used as swords for close-range combat, and can be thrown for ranged combat as well. The blade glows red when charged up with energy, increasing its sharpness. Alongside Vice Mammoth Genome's Glacia Shield (グレイシャシールド), Revi can perform the finishing attack called Mammoth Stamping Finish.
  • Revi Genomic Suit (リバイゲノミックスーツ): The undersuit. It configures the genetic information of the animal into a suit and is deployed upon activating Buddy Up with the Revice Driver, transforming the user into Kamen Rider Revi.
  • Mammoth Revi Shoulder (マンモスリバイショルダー): The shoulder pads. The invisible barrier called Danger Aura (デンジャーオーラ) covers the entire body and mitigates damage. This also separates the user from outside air, allowing operation in extreme temperatures.
  • Mammoth Revi Arm (マンモスリバイアーム): The arms. With the energy supplied by the Revi Genomic Suit, the physical ability of the user is enhanced. With mammoth-like stamina, the arms have great endurance and can freely use the Mammoth Gasher for attacks.
  • Mammoth Revi Glove (マンモスリバイグローブ): The gloves. The invisible barrier called Danger Aura can be shaped into a conical shape, turning the entire arm into a single fang. This allows Revi to perform a powerful punch that concentrates the force at a single point.
  • Mammoth Revi Leg (マンモスリバイレッグ): The legs. With the strength of a mammoth, gaining the breakthrough power to overcome any obstacle.
  • Mammoth Revi Boots (マンモスリバイブーツ): The boots. The soles called Mammoth Pike (マンモスパイク) allow walking on footholds with low friction like icy roads, and minimize power loss when walking on smooth surfaces to increase attack efficiency.

"Remix! Buddy Up! Hissatsu! Dosudosu! Taosu! Mammoth!"

"Remix! Buddy Up! Finish! Bam and bam! Knock it down! Mammoth!"

When Remix is activated, he combines with Vice into Revice Mammoth (リバイスマンモス), a large mammoth. Vice forms the head and front legs while Revi forms the back legs and tusks.

Parts of Revice Mammoth and their functions (Revice Mammoth information at TV-Asahi):
  • Revice Mammoth Head (リバイスマンモスヘッド)
  • Revice Mammoth Horn (リバイスマンモスホーン)
  • Revice Mammoth Nose (リバイスマンモスノーズ)
  • Revice Mammoth Body (リバイスマンモスボディ)
  • Revice Mammoth Leg (リバイスマンモスレッグ)

Kamen Rider Revi Mammoth Genome has the following finishers:
  • Mammoth Stamping Finish (マンモススタンピングフィニッシュ)
First appearance: Kamen Rider Revice Episode 3

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