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Lan Wangji (Hanguang-jun)

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u_okeii_fam's Avatar u_okeii_fam
Level 36 : Artisan Artist
Lan Wangji from the novel/manhua/donghua Mo Dao Zu Shi!! I "had fun" making it aka I suffered 4 fking hours editing and adjusting the damn robes over and over again. You dont know how many times i picked a blue, colored it on, then a few minutes later i look at it and think, "this doesnt look lan enough. time to pick a new, snowy light blue"
But overall, i really enjoy this skin! lol right with Wuxian ^^
Now, all thats left is Luo Binghe. think im gonna suffer and struggle even more than i did with wangji and hua cheng ;-;
lol wait until i start doing the juniors and background characters XD

probably a list of other skins:
Lan Sizhui
Lan Jingyi
Lan Xichen (like wangji but slightly different lol)
Jin Ling
Shi Qingxuan
Ming Yi
Shi wu du? maybe not he ded
Qi Rong
Liu Qingge
Ning Yingying if i have enough references
Shang Qinghua
Mobei Jun

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