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aesteroid's Avatar aesteroid
Level 49 : Master Fox

oof the colors look bland, and don't really
go well with each other, but you know, yolo.

i gave angel(a) clothes that i would wear irl,
meaning i would not wear short-shorts & a flannel lol

about angela / a bit of info

angela rae marius | ANGE | female | EVERYONE | oct 7 | PANSEXUAL

likes: memes, anime, video games, cartoons, comics, rock candy, aesthetic stuff,
sneakers, patches, enamel pins, roses, skeletons, silly crap like slinkies, fat cats,
fat doggos, spaghetti, real cheese, chocolate, peaches, strawberries, CHEESECAKE

dislikes: having cold & sweaty hands, hospitals, nightmares, onions, tomatoes,
mayonnaise, fake cheese,

backstory on the bi & pan patches:
since angela is based off of me, i thought i was bi at first,
turned out to be pan oops. i was still experimenting ok


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Update 6 : by aesteroid 03/17/2018 8:46:11 pmMar 17th, 2018

this is the last skin that im updating on here, i'll be way more active on my skindex (@Jixo), however, i will still be favoriting & giving diamonds to skins! thanks for giving me a great experience on pmc, and i'll be on my way! thank you so much! - andrea.
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