Nationale Volksarmee Officer, East Germany (100th skin!) Minecraft Skin
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Nationale Volksarmee Officer, East Germany (100th skin!)

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The National People’s Army (NPA) (German: Nationale Volksarmee – NVA) was the name used for the armed forces of the German Democratic Republic. The majority of NATO officers rated the East German Army the best in the Warsaw Pact, the Soviet Army included, although it numbered only 120,000 men.This reputation was based on discipline, thoroughness of training, and quality officer leadership. East German officers were identified while they were still in high school and strongly encouraged to pursue a military career. The NVA was first established in 1956 and disbanded in 1990; it did not see any significant combat. It participated in the invasion with the Soviet Armed Forces against the Czechoslovak interim government during the Prague Spring of 1968, but without seeing combat. However, there were frequent reports of East German advisors working with communist African governments during the Cold War.
This is my 100th skin! I've hit a very important milestone, I'd like to thank you all for inspiring me to make 100 skins!

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03/28/2018 3:37 pm
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congrats on 100th skin
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