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Orenji Samurai

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Orenji Samurai

His armour was pure golden, his sword was rumored to cut down trees but nobody new his past, nor would anyone of guessed his future. He seemed to wonder around the vast Japanese landscape with no real purpose and nobody to call a friend.

One day he was visiting a large town with his sword sheathed and his head facing towards the mountain, when he heard the rapid pounding of footsteps a few hundred metres away he placed his hands on his sword. Once he had deduced that the oncoming runner was nothing but a messenger he relaxed a little but still payed attention to his movements. The man came to a stop before looking up the mountain at the palace and continuing his sprint.

The Samurai was intrigued to understand why such a small and feeble boy was in such a rush; so decided to pursue. As he approached the entrance the guards looked at him but soon looked away when they caught his eye. As he approached closer to the guards they unsheathed their swords and looked increasingly uneasy. Silence continued as neither side would budge, until the messenger returned with tears in his eyes. If the messenger would have only looked up to see the orange demon, he wouldn't of walked straight into his chest plate - causing him to fall painfully to the floor.

The boy soon apologized and ran of again. Not far into his journey back home he turned round to see that the samurai was on a horse about 300 yards back looking straight ahead. The boy thought nothing of it until he reached his home town to notice he was still in pursuit.

The Orenji Samurai soon noticed that the town was in a bad shape and everyone was in a panic. It was then that a sensation ran through his heart that he had not experienced before - sadness. Whilst he had fought and won many battles, he had never experienced the aftermath from the perspective of the looser.

The following day he decided to ride out to battle with the other samurai from the town, to experience what would be the last day of a continuously long conflict. The two opposing armies stood still, glaring into the hearts of the enemy, until the enemy general approached the leader of the clan and suggested a duel to determined the winner.

For a while there was silence, as if nobody wanted to challenge the arrogant general. He heard whispers from every side: "I have heard that hes single handily taken down over 10 opponents and the same time", "i have heard his sword can cut through 5 bodies at the same time". As if he had suddenly realized his purpose, he rode towards the infamous warrior and pointed his sword towards his head to signify that he would be his challenger.

After a surprisingly long time, when both men appeared to tire, the Orenji samurai pierced the stomach of the enemy general whilst simultaneously the general stabbed him in the chest. Both of them accepting defeat, they laid beside each other, lifeless - respecting the bravery of the other.

After that battle both clans came to an understanding and the war ended.

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mekyle 17
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is so goood
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very nice!
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