Deamu - The Protector of the Underworld Minecraft Skin

This Skin is an entry in the completed Feudal Japan & East Asian - Skin Contest.

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Deamu - The Protector of the Underworld

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In Chinese/Japanese Mythology live 2 guardians of the underworld. Imaginatively their names are Ox-Head ( 牛頭 Gozu) and Horse-Face (马面Mezu)...You might be able to guess what they look like.

Their job is to protect the underworld and direct any newcomers to the hellish lands. Being half ox and half horse you would of thought that they were mighty and tough beasts. This however is not the case, Their exterior is a front and they are actually rather pathetic and hardly deserve a place in this awesome mythology...

On one famous instance, they were sent to capture the monkey king: Sun Wukong. This guy is a proper bad-ass with some serious gains - He carries around an 8000kg staff which he can carry around with ease. After a short confrontation the duo were scared away by the monkey king and sent back to the underworld. On a later occasion the monkey king broke into the underworld to remove the names of him and his followers from the list of the living, Hence granting themselves immortality - but Gozu and Mezu could do nothing to stop him.

Having not made an animal skin in a while i was in the mood to make one, but once i had read the backstory to these creatures they really didnt seem very exciting. It is for this reason that i thought i would make an amazing human eating beast of a guardian who i have decided to call Deamu.

This guy is half human have deamon. Unlike his mythological counter parts, this fella doesn't need a partner - hes a lone wolf! And unlike some randomly placed horse he actually might give you a fright upon entering the underworld and he gives of a 'don't mess with me' kinda vibe. I Chose to give him a traditional Asian conical hat because he is meant to greet those entering the underworld and i felt a reminder of their human lives would be a site for sore eyes in this unfamiliar world.

I hope you like it, and if you do a diamond wouldn't go amiss. Best of luck to the rest of the entries!!! Also any feedback before the contest closes would be greatly appreciated :) i'm always looking to improve!

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07/10/2016 9:57 pm
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Nice job!