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Komourasaki Samurai

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The Komourasaki Samurai

The date was 1500, and a conflict between two noble Japanese families had been started. What started as a conquest for land had turned into a bloody war that lasted over 3 decades. Many lives were lost as a result of the conflict but from the smoke of death a legend arose. His name was the 'Komourasaki Samurai'. His 5 body sword was know to cut down anything its master wished and despite his thick armour, he was known as a quick and agile opponent.

His skill went unchallenged for many years. His allies would face battle happy, knowing he stood by their side. The war looked like certain success ... until 30 years after the conflict had started, The opposing house sent a messager to a distant town as a last cry for help. His job was to rally any warriors that would sympathise with their cause but he returned with but one.

The man looked strange. He never talked and always wore bright orange armour from head to toe. Rumours went round that he was a demon and nobody took a liking to him. But everyone agreed that they needed every able bodied man they could get. His name was the Orenji samurai, but nobody dared to say it out loud for fear that it would evoke a curse on the other warriors.

As the Komourasaki samurai drove his army closer and closer the head of the family and all of his men went out to greet the invading army.

"have you come to beg for mercy!" The purple warrior asked. "I do not wish for more conflict" he shouted.
Honorably, he went on to ask for a 1 on 1 battle to decide the fate of the war, knowing there was nobody in his ranks that would survive even a minute against him.

There was absolute silence for what seemed like an eternity. Just when all hell was going to break lose the samurai from the distant village rode his horse to meet their general. Without saying a word he pointed his sword directly at the Komourasaki Samurai. And battle commenced...

Everyone was surprised to see the battle last so long. Both of their sword seemed to clash endlessly until the orange warrior stabbed the samurai through the stomach. He cried out in pain - he had never endured such an injury. Without pausing he slammed his famous sword into the orange samurai's chest. They both dropped to the floor in unison.

At last both families agreed on a truce and the battle finally ended.
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