Terranoid [Ultraman Dyna] Minecraft Skin
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Terranoid [Ultraman Dyna]

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Terranoid [Ultraman Dyna] Minecraft SkinTerranoid [Ultraman Dyna] Minecraft Skin
Terranoid [Ultraman Dyna] Minecraft Skin
Terranoid! i don't know if that is a pun of "Terror - Noid"

Terranoid,either if its called Robo Dyna or an Ancient Giant Dyna. Terranoid is man made so i guess its kinda like those mecha Ultra but it said here,he is a statue and that kinda resemble to Tiga's due to the fact that he came to life when he was in some statue form. In the show,Terranoid was brought to life by absorbing Shin Asuka's(Dyna's human Host) Light energy(not the Sun!). He was ordered to destroy Sphire. Later during the battle,his Timer started and no one know wat to do about it. He soon fall and some of the Sphire morphed with him and turn him into Zeglanoid......WAT?!its Morphing Time?!

This Skin prob is the Diamond forehead,his timer is really~ important and his design is a bit to thin to make it look like in the pic

(while i was doing this...i was thinking) Fan Fic!

Dr.Ex: Hey Steve,i activate this new Mode that let you create a new mob

Steve: really?!like those those 2 golem

Dr.Ex: yes

Steve: how?

Dr.Ex: it said here "place an iron block in the shape of a Cross"

Steve: X?

Dr.Ex: no, the letter "t"

Steve: ok~...could of said like the letter T

Dr.Ex: you'll end up making "+" with no head

Steve: no i wouldn't!

*:30 minute later.they manege to spawn the mob. it was Terranoid

Steve: alright,its Slime night. Can you bring me some slime and also protect my crop from them jumping on it


*:the next day
Steve:*yawn* what up.......What the hell?!

*:Terranoid come into the house while he is fully cover with slime that make him look like Zeglanoid

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Update #1 change of shade : by Powered-Great 08/18/2016 5:26:22 amAug 18th, 2016

more dashing before his bath with slimes!

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