Ultraman Orb Burnmite (Ultraman Taro + Ultraman Mebius) Minecraft Skin
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Ultraman Orb Burnmite (Ultraman Taro + Ultraman Mebius)

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Ultraman Orb Burnmite (Ultraman Taro + Ultraman Mebius) Minecraft Skin
Burnmite! You're so Damn Sexy! Burnmite! Pump your chest 1 time! Burnmite! all the ladys start dropping~! Everyone's watching!!

Before you guys gonna start saying "Gunbir, i thought you said you're going to do Evil,Out of Japan & last shortly Ultra. Why are you doing Orb? even if he does last more shorter then others, he still a main Ultra"......so i'm just gonna say "3 Episode still count as short" *play troll song* I love this type. I really do. I recommended the show. I love the part when he become a living time bomb! (Text....probably 7 months ago)

Burnmite is a fusion type Ultra Crusader. Its a fusion of Ultraman Taro & Ultraman Mebius. It got the name from Mebius's Burning Brave (Take "Burn") technique and Taro's Ultra Dynamite (Take "Mite" from "Dynamite") technique. He is also known as Hot Fellow. In The show (Defu if only it was finish.Its still in ep 3. want more info? maybe if i remember to add it after all the Ep release. Or just go to the Wiki!)

The Skin-....
Reader: The horn?
B**** You Guest it! Wow!!

ps. Want to watch Ultraman Orb? go to Kissasian.com!

(while doing this skin....hmmmm maybe...just maybe...) Fan Fic!!

*:Burnmite charge in to the village with a group of creeper
Alex: Eh? Is that Burnmite with a group of Creepers?!

Burnmite: !!!

Steve: Get them arrow out!

*:Steve & Alex are surviving the horde of Creeper. Few minutes later, all the Creepers are dead. Burnmite start charging in like if he is a bull

Ales: Steve…. Burnmite is still charging in

Steve: Hmm… I see no sword or anything…. Is he trying to be a creeper? Ultra doesn’t blow u-….

Burnmite: !!!

*:Burnmite stop then hug Steve. Suddenly he started to get on fire then explode
Ultraman Orb Burnmite (Ultraman Taro + Ultraman Mebius) Minecraft Skin
Ultraman Orb Burnmite (Ultraman Taro + Ultraman Mebius) Minecraft Skin

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Update #2 error fix : by Powered-Great 12/25/2016 7:51:34 pmDec 25th, 2016

didn't check his leg....WOW!

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