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A little bit like Fallout Luis's revision.

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luis alonso 64 bits's Avatar luis alonso 64 bits
Level 46 : Master Engineer
I don't own this resource pack texture. I've just kept working on it with Chrom's permission "comentary"original by Chrom.

Chrom's: description:

Here is my mix of many packs with some my textures for you, fallout lovers!
Video reviewbyBrendan1260(XnNOBS)
Pack reviewbyTerzaerian
Pack reviewbyJustHayden
Original by Chrom

Open to criticism and comments to express their opinions and suggestions, please. This will help me to improve pack.

Other fallout-themed texture packs:
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Additional Notes

Especially thanks:ApertureGames for "Lets play minecraft: Fallout edition" videoAll who worked on LastDays textures pack (Doku and another)Glimmar for his steampunk packDuskCraft for his FalloutInterplay and Black isle for Fallout1-2Bethesda softworks for 3-d view of fallout worldObsidian entertainment for FNV, that was greatMy friend Kirill for advising and some ideasrhdox for stone and oresBundy for Road Warrior skinStudnicky for The Road Warrior Mad Max skinRyanJWN for Vault 101 jumpsuitmadprotester for Combat Armor MK IIAnd many another people who packs inspired me and who names i'mforget
CreditChrom's work, 1.3.2 by mouse the miner, 1.12 by me
Progress85% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12

9 Update Logs

Update #9 Better late than never : by luis alonso 64 bits 07/10/2017 12:31:52 amJul 10th, 2017

Sorry for the long wait, but is nearly done for 1.12, some items were hard, and I didn't made the mobs, if anyone knows how to make them, (if anyone has the textures from a yao guai, or a cazador, let me know)

  • Its now for 1.12, with the fallout-ish color scheme on some blocks and new ones.

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04/29/2018 3:38 pm
Level 46 : Master Engineer
luis alonso 64 bits
luis alonso 64 bits's Avatar
Hey guys, Im looking on some stuff that I havent done on the texture pack. but heres the thing, for some mobs I want to do some ideas but cant quite come up with them, also it looks like theres a new update coming wich adds a lot of underwatery stuff, and lets say that fallout doesnt have that sort of stuff, or I dont have the tools to get that so heres a list of ideas i have in mind and if you guys can help me out ill appreciate that (also i will give credits to those that help me
- for the polar bear im thinking of an albino yao guai
- for the ender dragon im thinking on a cazador
- for the end im thinking of the glowing sea (from fallout 4)
- for the husk im thinking of a dryier version of a normal ghoul
- for the ice skeleton im thinking of a raider with wintery clothes
- i have no idea what to do with the wither and the wither skeleton
- i dont know what to do with the plants
- i dont know what to do with the incompatibility error
- for the llama im thinking of a radstag
- i want to turn the beetroots to a plant called "tato"
- i cant quite fix the redstone as they changed the logic of it
05/09/2018 5:01 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Toa Feron
Toa Feron's Avatar
For Beetroot, go with Mutfruit instead. Also you could make the ender dragon a Vertibird maybe? Ice Skeletons and wither skeletons should be variants on the Assaultron, making the Wither a Mister Gutsy. Polar Bears should really just be regular Yao Guai, and I think that the Llama would only work as a Radstag if you changed the model to give it two heads and possibly horns.
01/09/2018 10:00 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
HerraVofflur's Avatar
Can I use this for a map?
01/11/2018 6:40 pm
Level 46 : Master Engineer
luis alonso 64 bits
luis alonso 64 bits's Avatar
Sure :D
12/09/2017 9:07 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Explorer
allmine444's Avatar
  • Do you have a shorter name for this pack?

  • I'm getting incompatible with 1.12 errors though I can use it in 1.12.

  • Having not played Fallout I can't say how much this fits into that universe but more industrial blocks would be useful for a bunker look.
12/12/2017 7:41 pm
Level 46 : Master Engineer
luis alonso 64 bits
luis alonso 64 bits's Avatar
Well I cannot rename it because as I said I dont own this resource pack, I can make the file name shorter if thats what you mean
I just dont know how to fix that one, I've looked in the wiki but cant figure out how to fix that bug
Im trying to make this pack to be survival friendly and creative frienldy, I could make some variants here and there, but lemme know which blocks ya feel like needs to be changed
07/10/2017 12:33 am
Level 46 : Master Engineer
luis alonso 64 bits
luis alonso 64 bits's Avatar
Finally its for 1.12, sorry for the long wait, long story, but now its 85% done (I couldnt add the mobs) but still the other things like blocks, items and GUI are done
08/31/2016 2:33 pm
Level 1 : New Birb
Macintosh128k's Avatar
is this for 1.10
09/03/2016 2:15 pm
Level 46 : Master Engineer
luis alonso 64 bits
luis alonso 64 bits's Avatar
No, sorry but im working on that (whith extreme caution of not spoiling fallout 4's new DLC)
09/06/2016 12:07 pm
Level 1 : New Birb
Macintosh128k's Avatar
lol well i dont play it so im fine about the DLC but not shure other people will be happy about that :) so yea thats a good idea try not to spoil the DLC
(also what do you use to make the texture pack?)
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