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GodRage's Avatar GodRage
Level 54 : Grandmaster Cyborg
This pack keeps the same native color and the same native shape from the Default Minecraft textures.

Diamonds and comments are welcome!

What is an Accurate Texture?
  • Original color only: no new colors in the image.
  • Same amount of color: Histogram Average channel #color is identical to original 16x16 texture.
  • Respect of Minecraft: iconic parts of the design will be preserved. (a line of 1 pixel wide in 16x16 is 2 pixel wide in 32x32)

This pack is only about blocks & items.
Optifine is not needed.
Compatible from Minecraft 1.13 to actual version.

Making an Accurate Texture
- Original 16x16 texture > Paint-like program > upscale to 32x32.
By importance order:
1- Original color only: no new colors into the image.
2- Keep the same amount of pixels for each color. (Histogram Average channel must be the same #color)
3- Keep the same amount of pixels for the most dark/bright color in any texture. (kind of 2bis)
4- Respect the block: do not touch what make this block recognizable, or its particularity.
5- Diagonal lines must be changed to be more lines than stairs.
6- Touch the texture the less possible; most of original pixels² must keep 3 pixels of its original color. (Squared blocks only)

- And then, send me it, post it in comments section below, or in my discord, or post it in github.
- Playtest with this texture for couple weeks, if it is matching, it's accepted.

Usage guidelines ( CC-BY-NC-4.0 )

By downloading this resource pack, you agree with the following :

You are not allowed to claim/sell/reupload/etc without my public autorisation.

Accurate Textures is under the license: CC-BY-NC-4.0

# You are allowed to:
- use it in your video, add credits in your video, and add a link in the description.
- use it as server pack, add credits and a link on the website of the server.
- use as placeholders.
- use textures from my pack in your pack.
- use as base for mod textures.

By doing any of the above, you agree to follow these requirements:
1: Give clear credit in an appropriate place (e.g. video descriptions, pack.mcmetas, listing descriptions).
2: Link back to our actual home: www.planetminecraft.com/texture-pack/accurate-textures/

- Create a creditsAcc.txt within your project.zip that includes accurately what texture you used, and also the following:
Accurate textures https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture-pack/accurate-textures/
Original Author Twitter: @GodRage_Aonwa
Original Author homepage: http://godrage.free.fr

- if you are uploading a modified version somewhere, put the credits ALSO on the presentation page (and also on download page if those 2 are split on your website)

You can then modify freely any textures:
- No money involved,
- Comment in section below with a link to your project, or by private message.

You could mix it with Following texture packs in this specific order:

if you know a texture pack that should be added in this list, please let me a link in the comment section below.

Additional credits:
ZeRaful's Truthful x32 (chests, beds, signs, and prismarine)

Join my matrix or my Discord server to keep me motivate #goodvibes, or to discuss about my content.

Update legend: yyyy/mm/dd
+ added
- deleted
* other (modified)
Progress95% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.21

30 Update Logs

The "Quartz Bulb" Crafter Update : by GodRage 07/12/2024 6:53:03 amJul 12th

2024/07/12 - 1.21 (v2) "Quartz Bulb" Crafter Update.
+ crafter_bottom
+ crafter_top
+ crafter_top_crafting
+ crafter_top_triggered
+ crafter_north
+ crafter_north_crafting
+ crafter_south
+ crafter_south_triggered
+ crafter_east
+ crafter_east_crafting
+ crafter_east_triggered
+ crafter_west
+ crafter_west_crafting
+ crafter_west_triggered
+ copper_bulb_lit
+ copper_bulb_lit_powered
+ copper_bulb
+ copper_bulb_powered
+ oxidized_copper_bulb_lit (+ another version in /others/)
+ oxidized_copper_bulb_lit_powered (+ another version in /others/)
+ oxidized_copper_bulb
+ oxidized_copper_bulb_powered
+ exposed_copper_bulb_lit
+ exposed_copper_bulb_lit_powered
+ exposed_copper_bulb
+ exposed_copper_bulb_powered
+ weathered_copper_bulb_lit
+ weathered_copper_bulb_lit_powered
+ weathered_copper_bulb
+ weathered_copper_bulb_powered
+ dispenser_front
+ dispenser_front_vertical
+ dropper_front
+ dropper_front_vertical
+ hay_block_side
+ hay_block_top
+ beetroots_stage0
+ beetroots_stage1
+ beetroots_stage2
+ piston_top
+ bricks
+ respawn_anchor_top_off
+ respawn_anchor_top (the animation will remain untouched)
+ iron_door_top
+ iron_door_bottom
+ iron_trapdoor
+ iron_block
+ cherry_door_top
+ cherry_door_bottom
+ quartz_pillar
+ quartz_pillar_top
+ chiseled_quartz_block_top
+ chiseled_quartz_block
+ quartz_block_bottom (dev name of smooth_quartz)
+ quartz_block_side
+ quartz_block_top
+ quartz_bricks
+ target_side
+ target_top
+ /mob_effect/bad_omen
* furnace_side
* furnace_top
* furnace_front
* furnace_front_on
* magenta_glazed_terracotta
* crafting_table_top
* crafting_table_front
* crafting_table_side

+ added
- deleted
* edit
# comment

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05/10/2024 12:59 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
HuggyWuggy097's Avatar
Omg it's Fantastic!
01/09/2024 4:58 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
DeadlyFoxChan's Avatar
Is there any thing for the water? everything looks amazing but the water is still the same :(
01/11/2024 9:49 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Cyborg
GodRage's Avatar
I can tell you that water is not forgotten, and someday I should be able to make it. But that's a very complex task to keeping a Good enough Histogram while upgrading that huge texture.
07/16/2023 8:44 pm
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Creeper
Team UNNAMED's Avatar
faithful but like true to vanilla | also u should change the lodestone so it's ACTUALLY vanilla-accurate
03/02/2024 2:48 pm
He/Him • Level 34 : Artisan Artist Lego Builder
Quadrillage's Avatar
faithful but with mixels
03/02/2024 3:23 pm
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Creeper
Team UNNAMED's Avatar
09/18/2023 1:29 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Cyborg
GodRage's Avatar
Thank you for your comment, lodestone will be more accurate on next version. :)
09/28/2023 5:17 pm
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Creeper
Team UNNAMED's Avatar
05/27/2023 4:51 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
Interactable's Avatar
kinda looks like exactly faithful ? just a thought
05/29/2023 12:28 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Cyborg
GodRage's Avatar
I kinda agree: Any "vanilla" texture pack will looks like the original textures. 😆

Faithful is just a way to "upgrade original textures to 32x32", which take too much freedom in colors and shapes, making buildings not really compatible with the "point of view" of people playing with original 16x16 textures. (Typically any "_bricks" blocks)