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Skorpio Shaders Medium Edition

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BIOS Graphics avatar BIOS Graphics
Level 47 : Master Artist

Skorpio Shaders [​2.0] [​v1.0.0] [​Medium Edition] :

Skorpio Shaders Medium Edition Minecraft Texture Pack

Skorpio Shaders Medium Edition Minecraft Texture Pack

Skorpio Shaders Medium Edition Minecraft Texture Pack

Skorpio Shaders

Skorpio Shaders is a Shaders Pack that will make the Minecraft Java Edition game have much better graphics. This Shaders Pack requires Optifine Mobs. Skorpio Shaders is made for the purpose of improving Minecraft Java Edition game graphics to be better and even achieving 4K graphics. Actually I have been making these shaders for a long time but my shaders are not as good as others, so long ago I managed to make these shaders with the help of other dev shaders.

Current Status

The development of Skorpio Shaders has not yet ended. There are still many developments that we want to do.

1.Sunlight Shadows / Shading
2.Bloom / Glow
3.Motion Blur
4.Procedural 3D Clouds
5.Procedural Water Waves
6.Screen Space Reflections
7.Terrain Parallax - 3D blocks with a supported texture pack
8.Multi-Layered Shading Pipeline - Everything is correctly shaded, even behind semi-transparent blocks
9.Terrain Deformation - "Animal Crossing" and "Acid" deformations


1.OptiFine 1.10.2 D1 or newer
2.OpenGL 4.1 compatible hardware


1.Download and install a compatible version of Optifine
2.If you haven't already, launch the game once to create the 'shaderpacks' folder, which is located adjacent to your "saves" folder
3.Download the Skorpio-Shaders .zip and place it into your 'shaderpacks' folder. (For legacy Minecraft versions before 1.12) you may need to go on Youtube and look at how older shaderpacks used to be installed. This usually involved inzipping the shaderpack and making sure the correct sub-folder is placed into your game's 'shaderpacks' folder.

Skorpio Shaders

For: Minecraft Java Edition v1.6.4 - 1.15
Skorpio Shaders is a Shaders for Minecraft Java Edition.

Contact Information
Twitter: @SkorpioGraphics

1. Don't change the link that I have given.
2. Must provide this website.
3. Must give Ling Download that I have given.
4. Do not provide a download link directly through the ad.
5. Don't give these shaders to other websites except me.
If you break your rules you will get STRIKE.

Progress5% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : by BIOS Graphics 10/15/2019 5:21:11 amOct 15th, 2019

Skorpio Shaders [​2.0] [​v1.0.1] [​Medium Edition]

1. New name
2. New logo
3. Fix some bugs.
4. Repair some errors
5. Repair some of the ones that hurt out on their own.

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