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Connectibles (Default connected blocks)

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    Saplistic avatar Saplistic
    Level 47 : Master Lego Builder
    Connectibles is a resource pack which adds connected textures to all the full blocks it fits, by using CTM. This pack requires Optifine or any other CTM supporting mod like Continuity.


    I recommend using Optifine for forge users and Continuity for Fabric users.
    For both Forge and Fabric users: install Optifine and put it in your mod's folder.
    For Optifine users: open and install Optifine.

    Here's the CurseForge link to this pack

    Feedback / suggestions are always appreciated and useful!

    Additional features:
    - Slab variants have their own connected textures
    - Copper blocks have transitions between the variants

    - Double prismarine slabs have a custom brick texture
    - Sandstone stairs' fronts have edges on both steps
    - Cut / chiseled sandstone have a custom bottom CTM textures (based from their side texture).

    I made these textures using paint.net. My goal was also to make the textures vanilla-like as much as possible.
    As you may have noticed, sea lanterns and netherite blocks are not included because I have not managed to make them look good. I might try adding them in the future.

    I allow you to include my pack, but I'd ask nicely for credit when sharing.

    Progress100% complete
    Game VersionMinecraft 1.19.3

    4 Update Logs

    Update files missing fixed : by Saplistic 01/09/2023 2:37:37 amJan 9th

    Updated the file to add froglights because it was missing.

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    01/23/2023 1:58 pm
    Level 1 : New Crafter
    _Lika avatar
    do this work with glass ?
    02/09/2023 6:47 am
    Level 47 : Master Lego Builder
    Saplistic avatar
    It does, but glass is already included when Optifine is installed. Make sure the 'Video Settings→Quality→Connected Textures' option is not set to off.
    01/08/2023 5:53 pm
    Level 23 : Expert Botanist
    PencilVoid avatar
    Did you forget to upload the updated file? Just downloaded it and i'm not seeing any froglight textures in there :p
    01/09/2023 2:24 am
    Level 47 : Master Lego Builder
    Saplistic avatar
    Ow, my bad. I have just fixed it. Thanks for telling me soon!
    08/16/2022 5:51 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    milkev avatar
    looks great, i did notice that waterlogged slabs and unwaterlogged slabs dont connect visually though.
    08/31/2022 4:37 pm
    Level 47 : Master Lego Builder
    Saplistic avatar
    Yes, that's right. They only connect to blocks with the same properties. I did this so that upper and lower slabs don't connect. (See last picture).
    04/19/2022 12:43 pm
    Level 38 : Artisan Button Pusher
    rotgruengelb avatar
    Relay well-made! (and thanks for being back on the site)

    Saplistic The mod Works with Continuity (fabric) as well! So you might want to add that to the description!
    04/19/2022 12:04 pm
    Level 23 : Expert Botanist
    PencilVoid avatar
    To answer the question posed in the description, I think the faded copper transitions are worthy of being in the main pack, although the less faded version may be more realistic/fitting of Minecraft's style. I also think it would be fitting to have variants overlap variants that are less oxised than themselves (i.e. oxidised, weathered, exposed, normal from highest to lowest priority). This would be representative of the "encroaching" nature of oxidisation.
    04/24/2022 5:10 pm
    Level 47 : Master Lego Builder
    Saplistic avatar
    I appreciate the help! I will put the faded one as default and keep the vanilla like version as additional because I agree. I also like your idea of the '"encroaching" nature of oxidation' because of how it overtakes the less oxidized variants, so I will (currently) implement it as default and leave people to edit it to suit their preference. At the beginning I didn't really think too much about these. I will probably update it tomorrow.
    10/13/2021 10:39 am
    Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
    AndronixESE avatar
    hi could i use this for my texturepack? its really cool and i will give you credit in "readme"
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