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Directional Interface Pack [MAXI]

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    Gheppio avatar Gheppio
    Level 53 : Grandmaster Engineer
    Directional Interface Pack [MAXI] Minecraft Texture Pack

    This pack creates a better interface for MazeMaker MAXI, changing the appearance of certain materials in the user interface.

    Affected blocks:90 in total: Stained glass (16x), Colored concrete (16x), Colored Wool (16x), Colored terracotta (16x),
    4 brick types, 4 wood plank types, 4 stone types, 4 ground types,
    lapis block & ore, gold block & ore, emerald block & ore, diamond block & ore,
    Quartz pillar block, Chiseled quartz block.
    Pack features:
    • Placed blocks: No effect, your builds won't change in appearance.
    • User interface: Elements are displayed as flat instead of isometric, possibly with an alternate texture, adjacent elements are continuous.
    • In hand: Blocks are displayed as tiles, possibly with an alternate texture.
    • Item in frame: Same as in hand, but large as a block.
    • Item frames: Made transparent
    • GUI: Smaller numbers

    Essential for advanced applications, where templates may contain oriented corridors, turns, junctions etc.
    Just build your junctions in the corresponding slot and your work will be easier in phase of layout design.
    Readability of the chest map is greatly improved from vanilla user interface.

    The pack provides symbolic mapping for four batches of building materials (64 in total)
    Each batch includes a complete series of directional connections (turns, corridors, junctions etc.) with a specific theme, use them for different areas or mixed together to create easily the most complex maze layouts with MazeMaker MAXI

    Batch 01: Corridors
    Directional Interface Pack [MAXI] Minecraft Texture Pack
    Batch 02: Squares
    Directional Interface Pack [MAXI] Minecraft Texture Pack
    Batch 03: Circles

    Batch 04: Dots

    Usage in MazeMaker MAXI
    Create templates which respect the same internal connections of the symbol relative to the plot, compose your layouts directly in the map chest, with a clear visual idea of what you're designing; finally compile, the resulting maze will have the same layout seen in the map chest.
    Designing complex mazes has never been so easy!

    Also features reduced gui numbers, in these way stacks of materials are more readable, being the number less invasive with respect to the symbols
    Progress90% complete
    Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

    2 Update Logs

    Update #2 : 04/12/2021 12:59:38 pmtoday

    Reduced gui numbers size, now stack numbering is less invasive towards the symbols.

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    04/02/2021 4:35 pm
    Level 29 : Expert Theorist
    Kord avatar
    Thank you for making this!!! The directional pack is all that kept my sanity with the earlier iteration of MazeMaker, so for sure having this expanded one for the newest and best MazeMaker is essential!
    04/02/2021 5:07 pm
    Level 53 : Grandmaster Engineer
    Gheppio avatar
    Ahah I remember when I was working on MM Deluxe and tried to compile a directional maze sector, I got crazy! It was so impractical that I interrupted the work on the MazeMaker completely and dedicated fully to the design of the first interface pack, helped me a lot too XD
    04/02/2021 3:17 pm
    Level 19 : Journeyman Blacksmith
    christianTENN avatar
    I was thinking of how to do it but this is perfect.
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