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Plain Interface Pack [MAXI]

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    Gheppio avatar Gheppio
    Level 53 : Grandmaster Engineer
    Plain Interface Pack [MAXI] Minecraft Texture Pack

    This pack creates a better interface for MazeMaker MAXI, changing the appearance of certain materials in the user interface.

    Affected blocks:90 in total: Stained glass (16x), Colored concrete (16x), Colored Wool (16x), Colored terracotta (16x),
    4 brick types, 4 wood plank types, 4 stone types, 4 ground types,
    lapis block & ore, gold block & ore, emerald block & ore, diamond block & ore,
    Quartz pillar block, Chiseled quartz block.
    Pack features:
    • Placed blocks: No effect, your builds won't change in appearance.
    • User interface: Elements are displayed as flat instead of isometric, possibly with an alternate texture, adjacent elements are continuous.
    • In hand: Blocks are displayed as tiles, possibly with an alternate texture.
    • Item in frame: Same as in hand, but large as a block.
    • Item frames: Made transparent

    Building materials are displayed as flat and the grid between the items is hidden. Perfect for simple projects and for starting experimenting with templates.
    Readability of the chest map is greatly improved from vanilla user interface.
    Progress100% complete
    Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

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