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[1.12] Fire Leaf [16x]

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Zitzabis avatar Zitzabis
Site Moderator
Level 74 : Legendary Gent
This pack is a Pokemon themed resource pack that is 80% complete with all terrain completed, the majority of the items completed, all the GUI textured and a fair few 3D models applied.

Fire Leaf is a resource pack designed for Minecraft and Pokémon fans alike. It remains true to the feeling of the FireRed/LeafGreen Pokémon games that were released on the Gameboy. This was undoubtedly one of the best generations of the Pokémon series and by far one of the most remembered. This resource pack plays right into that and brings back the classic nostalgia of Pokémon.

Extra Info
The goal was to create a resource pack that carried the feel of the FireRed/LeafGreen games while keeping the blocks recognizable within Minecraft. This allows the player to just pick up and know what they're digging, what they're cutting down and what they're holding. No interpretations of the blocks.

While this resource pack may not tickle the fancy for all Pokémon lovers and some may feel that it doesn't quite live up to its description, those who don't even care for Pokémon will still enjoy this resource pack. Many builds and projects can be done using this resource pack as most of the textures blend with each other well and the majority of them have no Pokémon branding (exceptions include the cake, chiselled quartz block, Nether portal and a few other things). So even if you aren't a fan, this resource pack will still be a great experience.

For all of you Pixelmon fans, you’re welcome to use this resource pack with the mod and adapt it in any way necessary for it to work. But I’m not going to provide support for it. I want this resource pack to create the most Pokémon like experience without the need of mods.


Sadly…I haven’t textured them all. The current progress stands as such:
Blocks = 100%
Items = 75%
Weapons/Armour/Tools= 68%
Mobs = 35%
GUI = 100%
Particles = 100%
Environment/Other= 100%
3D Models = Used whenever possible and I'll slowly be adding more.

These stats will not change unless a major percentile change is made.

I would like for the MC community to feel free to provide input on the mobs. I will still continue normally even if there isn’t input but I do want to hear what you have to say.
Many things that haven’t been textured yet won’t take long to texture. So take the percentages with a grain of salt when judging how much has yet to be done on the pack. The biggest job is texturing all of the blocks, and these are complete, so the pack will appear complete for the most part.

How to Install
How to Install

If you've never used a texture/resource pack, then welcome to your first one!

Or if you're reading this just to read it, then welcome also!

I'll give a quick run down on installing this texture/resource pack from the Windows point of view.


1. Understand where the texture/resource pack is so you can find it again. Go ahead and copy it to your clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C or Ctrl+X with the file selected.
Or right click on the ZIP file and choose "Copy" or "Cut". It should be in your
Downloads folder. If you can't find that, then may the Pokemon gods help you!

2. Launch Minecraft if you haven't already and from the main menu, go to Options. You should see the "Resource Packs..." button near the bottom. Click on this.

3. You will now see a listing of all your currently installed texture/resource packs. You will then see a button saying "Open resource pack Folder". Click on this.

4. A window will open. This is where all the texture/resource packs need to be. Assuming you followed step one correctly, you can just press Ctrl+V or right click and select "Paste".

5. Close this window and go back to Minecraft and you should see the texture/resource pack sitting in the pane to the left. It will have a picture of a tree as it's icon. Hover over the texture/resource pack pack and you should see an arrow pointing to the right.
Click this arrow to send the texture/resource pack into the right pane.

6. Click "Done" and back out of all the settings to get back to the game. The texture/resource pack should be loaded by now.


Naturally credit needs to be given. Now then, under the images used to extract textures of the game, there are a fair few people who want credit for ripping. I can't name you individually, however, I want to give a big thanks to the people over at Spriters Resource. You made my job a lot easier and helped to deliver things in the most original form possible. So many of you did a lot work in ripping the images and sprites that you quite simply should not be overlooked. As for all the custom textures, they belong to myself, Zitzabis. If you want to use them for whatever reason, please message me and we'll work out a deal.

Of course this texture/resource pack wouldn't be possible without the very creation of the game. So a HUGE thanks to Gamefreak and Creatures Inc.! Their team created all of the original textures. They by far outrank myself and the people at Spriters Resource. For this reason, I devote the entire texture/resource pack to them. Naturally I keep the custom textures but I give the rest of the credit entirely to them. They did a great job and it was their art style that has heavily influenced and improved my own skills.

Please note that I very strictly give credit to Gamefreak and Creatures Inc. for the textures they own. I do not claim any of their textures as my own at any point in the documentation or in the presentation. If anything is ever brought up, I will continue to give the appropriate credit to Gamefreak and Creatures Inc. and I won't back off on this. As for any of you who question my rights to use these textures:

1. I am not claiming them as my own and I have given clear credit to Gamefreak and Creatures Inc.

2. I am not making any money or profits from the textures.

3. These textures, in an even more rip like form, can be found on Spriters Resource where they do not run into any legal issues. I don't know the details on this, but considering the scale of their operation and their willingness to remove textures if there is a problem, things must be ok with Gamefreak and Creatures Inc., so in turn, I'll just assume things are ok with me using the textures until I have been contacted. If I am contacted by Gamefreak and/or Creatures Inc. and they want me to remove their textures, I will quite willingly do so. I respect Gamefreak and Creatures Inc. and what they do and I have no intention in causing them any grief. So if you do have a problem with this texture pack existing, I'm sorry... You'll need to talk to someone else since I feel that I am in the right. As a note to the PMC mods and staff, should you wish to remove this texture pack from this site, I understand. But I would like to come to some sort of agreement before it is permanently deleted. There are still a lot of original textures of my own making and if need be, I can make original textures to replace the ones owned by Gamefreak and Creatures Inc.. But my preference would be to keep the Gamefreak and Creatures Inc. owned textures as they maintain the most Fire Red/Leaf Green feel in the texture pack (obvious, I know...). Thanks!
Texture Location Sources

Grass Top (Route 1)

Sand (Route 1)

Grass Side (Route 1)

Dirt (Generic dirt recoloured to blend with generic ledge dirt)

Rose (Route 1)

Tall Grass (Route 1)

Oak Log (Route 1 with liberty)

Oak Leaves (Route 1 for basics)

Birch Leaves (Cerulean Cave)

Gravel (Cerulean Cave)

Quartz Block (Dotted Hole)

Snow (Icefall Cave)

Stone (Generic stone)

Bookshelf (Generic School Room)

Painting - 1st row, far left (PokéMart)

Painting - 2nd row, far left (Pokémon Center)

Painting - 2nd row, second from the left (Generic School Room)

Painting - 4th row (Generic School Room)

Sign (Celadon City with liberty)

Bricks (Route 2)

Wooden Door (Route 2 with adjustments)

Painting - 2nd row, third from the left (Outside of Pokémon Center)

Iron Bars (Celadon City)

Iron Door (Celadon City)

Purple Clay (Hardened Clay with colour from Celadon City, Celadon Department Store)

Cyan Clay (Hardened Clay with colour from Celadon City, Celadon Mansion)

Light Blue Clay (Hardened Clay with colour from Celadon City)

Birch Planks (Cerulean City)

Red Wool (Custom Coloured Lime Wool with colours from Standard Entrance Mat)

Purple Wool (Custom Coloured Lime Wool with colours from Rug found in house on Cinnabar Island)

Painting - 1st row, second from the left (Cinnabar Island)

Light Blue Wool (Custom Coloured Lime Wool with colours from Rug found in a building on Cinnabar Island)

Glass (Inspiration from a generic glass table)

Painting - 1st row, third from the left (Cinnabar Island)

Lapis Block (PokeMart)

Yellow Clay (Hardened Clay with colour from Fuchsia City)

Oak Sapling (Fuchsia City)

Cobblestone (Pewter City)

Mossy Cobblestone (Pewter City)

Magenta Clay (Hardened Clay with colour from Pewter City)

Birch Sapling (Generic Pot Plant with liberty)

Spruce Planks (Pewter City)

Stone Bricks (Saffron City)

Water Still (EVERYWHERE!!!)

Water Flow (The default animation sucks... So I took the basic and made it smoother)

Crafting Bench (Table from your home in game)

Iron Block (Standard sheeting for house with liberty)

Red Clay (Hardened Clay with colour from Pallet Town)

Stone Slab (Cerulean City Gym)

Bedrock (Custom)

Pink Clay (Hardened Clay with colour from Pokemon Center roof)

Dead Bush (Adjusted Bush from Celadon City)

Brown Clay (Hardened Clay with colour from Celadon Gym)

Orange Clay (Hardened Clay with colour from Celadon City)

Diamond Block (Cerulean City with shading improvements)

Acacia Planks (Cerulean City)

Chest (Island Two box)

Cracked Stone Brick (Custom texture based on base Stone Brick)

Mossy Stone Brick (Custom texture based on base Stone Brick)

Carved Stone Brick (Custom texture based on base Stone Brick)

Emerald Block (Cinnabar Island)

White Clay (Hardened Clay with colour from Adjusted Pokemon Center floor)

Dark Oak Planks (Fuchsia City with custom colouring)

Green Clay (Hardened Clay with colour from Viridian City)

All tulips (Viridian City with colour adjustments for pink, red and white)

Oak Planks (Pokemon Fan Club)

Double High Fern (Generic Shrubby Tree)

Double High Grass (Berry Man's House in Cerulean City)

Acacia Leaves (Safari Zone)

Acacia Log (Inspiration from Safari Zone Area image tree)

Big Oak Leaves (Berry Forest)

Big Oak Log (Viridian Forest Area Image for inspiration)

Houstonia (Flower from the desk inside Pokemon Centers)

Fern (Generic Bush)

Ladder (Generic Ladder)

Plain Clay (Route 10)

Birch Log (Custom)

GUI Button (Standard speech bubble border)

Jungle Log (Dodrio Berry Picking Mini-Game)

Jungle Leaves (Dodrio Berry Picking Mini-Game)

Jungle Planks (Fence in Dodrio Berry Picking Mini-Game)

Spruce Leaves (Recolouring of Secondary Dodrio Berry Picking Mini-Game Scene leaves)

Spruce Log (Recolouring of Secondary Dodrio Berry Picking Mini-Game Scene Tree Bark)

Gold Block (Celadon Department Store floor recoloured to suit)

Dandelion (Recoloured Celadon Gym flowers)

Bed (Your home in Pallet Town)

Hunger Icons (Repel. I know...why did I do that? No clue... But the hunger bar wears away quickly and so does the repel. So...you know.)

Iron Ore (Custom)

Coal Block (Custom)

Coal Ore (Custom)

Double Wide Chest (PokeMart Freezers(?) with liberty) Sorry about the lid being a bit transparent at the edges. But I had to do it...)

Blue Wool (Custom Coloured Lime Wool with colours from Table Cloth in a house in Lavender Town with slight change of colour)

Silver Clay (Hardened Clay with colour from Route 23)

Lime Green Clay (Hardened Clay with colour from Route 25)

Blue Clay (Hardened Clay with colour from Saffron City)

Light Green [​Lime] Wool (Saffron City)

Oxeye Daisy (Saffron City)

Potato Growth Stages (Producing in a crate on SS Anne Dock)

Title Screen Text (Uhh...the Title Screen Text. Tried to do an animation but it doesn't work... *sad face*)

Ice (Icefall Cave)

Packed Ice (Icefall Cave)

Snowy Dirt (Mashup of dirt and snow overflow found at Icefall Cave)

Map Icons (Icons from the map in game)

Fire (Move Effects)

Raindrops (Move Effects - Like diamonds from the sky! :3)

Raindrop Splashes (Move Effects)

Breeding Love Heart (Move Effects)

Magic Stars when using bone meal (Move Effects)

Villager Angry Face (Move Effects)

Music Note (Move Effects)

Torch Flame (Move Effects)

Smoke (Move Effects)

Cobweb (Move Effects - Sorry, I had to make it 32x32)

Drop of water that appear from under a block with water above (Move Effects)

Villager Cross Icon (Move Effects)

Torch (Custom)

Experience Bar (Battle Scene)

Inventory (Frame 7 and Trainer Card Kit)

Hot Bar (Trainer Card Kit)

Texture Pack Navigation Arrows (Bag)

Sandstone (Tanoby Ruins - top was changed in colour to blend better)

Smooth Sandstone (Custom but with colour extracted from Tanoby Ruins)

Carved Sandstone (Custom but with inspiration and colours from Tanoby Ruins)

Gold Ore (Custom)

Lapis Ore (Custom)

Diamond Ore (Custom)

Emerald Ore (Custom)

Beacon Beam (PokeBall)

Cactus (Custom but with colours extracted from plant at Vermilion City)

Black Clay (Hardened Clay with colour from Generic House)

Yellow Wool (Custom Coloured Lime Wool with colours from Celadon Department Store)

Cyan Wool (Custom Coloured Lime Wool with colours from Pokemon Fan Club)

Orange Wool (Custom Coloured Lime Wool with colours from Rocket Game Center)

Gray Clay (Hardened Clay with colour from Celadon Department Store)

Pink Wool (Custom Coloured Lime Wool)

Furnace (Cape Brink with modifications)

Magenta Wool (Custom Coloured Lime Wool with colours from Celadon Department Store with slight colour changes)

Silver Wool (Custom Coloured Lime Wool with colours from Celadon Department Store)

Netherrack (Ember Spa)

Sound Sand (Ember Spa)

Cauldron (Vermillion City Gym)

Red Sand (Recoloured Celadon City Gym Sand/Dirt)

Beacon (Saffron City Gym)

Red Stone Block (Fuchsia City Gym)

Black Wool (Custom Coloured Lime Wool)

Brown Wool (Custom Coloured Lime Wool)

Gray Wool (Custom Coloured Lime Wool)

Green Wool (Custom Coloured Lime Wool)

White Wool (Custom Coloured Lime Wool)

Wheat (Custom)

Netherbrick (Pokemon Mansion Custom Coloured to blend better)

Note Block (Pokemon Mansion with a lot of editing)

Furnace (Power Plant)

End Stone (Seafoam Island)

Command Block (Silph Co)

Dry and Wet Farmland (Custom)

Cake (Custom)

Coarse Dirt (A different type of dirt...can't remember where I got it from)

Brewing Stand Base (Custom)

Brewing Stand (Custom)

Mycelium (Custom)

Spruce Sapling (Custom)

Jungle Sapling (Custom)

All Potion Bottle Aspects, including splash and overlay (Custom)

Redstone Ore (Custom)

Moon (Move Effects)

Podzol (Custom)

Restone Dust (Custom)

Quartz Chisled (Custom)

Quartz Lined (Custom)

Anvil (Custom)

Trapdoor (Custom)

Level (Custom)

Obsidian (Pewter City Gym)

Stained Glass (Custom but with plain glass as base)

Carrots (Custom)

Cacoa Pods (Custom)

Daylight Detector (Pokemon Center with adjustments)

Dispenser (Custom)

Dropper (Custom)

Paeonia Double High (Custom)

Rose Bush Double High (Custom)

Dragon Egg (Custom)

All the rails (Custom but using colours from all the respective elements)

Sun Flower (Custom)

Syringa (Custom)

Enchanting Table (A mashup using obsidian, generic doormat wool and diamond block)

Lava Flow (Water Flow but with colour change. FireRed/Leaf Green has no lava in it...)

End Frame Eye (Custom)

End Portal (Custom design but used the endstone which is a texture from the game and the extra components used colours from the floor of the Pewter City museum)

Snow Falling Particles (Custom)

Sun (Move Effects)

Piston Inner (Dotted Hole)

Blue Orchid (Custom)

Flower Pot (Viridian City)

Iron Trapdoor (Viridian City)

Hardened Clay (Altering Cave)

Hopper (Bills House)

Lava Still (Water Still but with colour change. FireRed/Leaf Green has no lava in it...)

Redstone Torch (Custom)

Red Mushroom (Items)

Brown Mushroom (Recoloured small mushroom item)

Red Mushroom Block (Custom)

Mushroom Stem Block (Custom)

Brown Mushroom Block (Custom)

Allium (Custom)

Glowstone (Custom. There is nothing in game that works.......at all.)

Hay Bales (Custom)

Item Frame Background (Custom)

Jukebox (Blue box from Bill's House)

Pumpkin and Melon vines (Move Effects)

Giant Mushroom Inside (Custom)

Pumpkin (Custom but the top was based on a cushion in Pewter City museum)

Pumpkin Blur (Custom)

Piston (Custom)

Redstone Lamp (Custom)

Vines (Move Effects)

Trip Wire Source (Custom)

GUI Background (PC Interface)

Melon (Custom)

Portal Animation (Ball Toss Animation. I don't really like it but I can't think of anything else right now.)

Slime (Custom)

Granite (Recoloured stone)

Diorite (Recoloured stone with added parts)

Andesite (Recoloured stone with added parts)

Prismarine Bricks (Viridian City Gym)

Dark Prismarine (Silph Co. with darkened colours and extra shading)

Prismarine Rough (Altering Cave)

Reeds (Custom)

TNT (Power Plant)

Sponge Wet and Dry (Mt. Moon gravel recoloured)

Polished Andesite, Granite and Diorite (Custom)

Acacia Sapling (Custom)

Dark Oak Sapling (Custom)

Mob Spawner (Custom)

Water Lily (Custom)

Redstone Comparator (Custom)

Redstone Repeater (Custom)

Netherwart (Edited from produce on S.S Anne Dock)

Sea Lantern (Custom)

Crafting Table GUI (PC Interface)

Dispenser GUI (PC Interface)

Furnace GUI (PC Interface)

Small and Large Chest GUI (PC Interface)

Enchanting Table GUI (PC Interface)

Mojang Startup Image (Pokemon Title Font)

Hopper GUI (PC Interface)

Horse GUI (PC Interface)

Villager GUI (PC Interace)

Boat (The "Pokemon" you surf on. Another Pokemon texture pack used this idea (kudos) but mine is extracted directly from the sprite you surf on in game.)

Brewing Stand GUI (PC Interface)

Anvil GUI (PC Interface)

Beacon GUI (PC Interface)

Entire Creative GUI (PC Interface)

Map (Map)

Single Trapped Chest (Single Chest with a chain around it)

Double Trapped Chest (Double Chest with a chain around it)

Ender Chest (Custom)

Signal Bar GUI (Trading connection signal sprite)

Wither Health Bar (Health Bar)

Horse Jump Bar (Edited experience bar)

Non-oak doors (Recoloured oak doors)

Inverted Daylight Detector (Edited Daylight Detector)

All the red sandstone (Recoloured sandstone)

Christmas Single Chest (Recoloured single chest)

Christmas Double Chest (Recoloured double chest)

All the armor (Custom based on block colours)

Ender Crystal (Custom)


Some items are 32x32 in-game, but since all the terrain textures are 16x16, I had to custom downscale them to 16x format for consistancy.

Bone (Bone)

Emerald (Thunderstone?)

Spawn Egg (Pokeball with adjustments to allow Minecraft to colour them decently...kind of)

Charcoal (Charcoal?)

Coal (Black Diamond?)

Painting (Painting Frame with custom innner artwork)

Item Frame (Painting Frame with bone)

Sign (Based on normal Sign)

Bed (Based on normal Bed)

Hopper (Based on normal Hopper)

All the doors (Based on their respective door texture)

Flower Pot (Based on normal Flower Pot)

Repeater (Based on normal Repeater)

Comparator (Based on normal Comparator)

Stick (Custom using colours from Oak Log and Oak Planks)

Iron Ingot (Custom)

Shears (Custom)

Gold Ingot (Custom)

All the buckets (Custom)

Wheat (Custom)

Redstone Dust (Custom)

Egg (Egg)

Fishing Rod and it's floater (Fishing Rod)

Gunpowder (Custom)

Diamond (Custom)

Apple (Custom)

Golden Apple (Custom)

Arrow (Custom)

Quartz (Custom)

Wheat Seeds (Custom)

Brick (Custom)

Nether Brick (Custom)

Blaze Powder (Custom)

Barrier (Custom)

Blaze Rod (Custom)

Carrot (Custom)

Golden Carrot (Recolouring of plain carrot)

All mob skull icons (Based on their respective entity texture)

All the diamond tools (Custom)

All the gold tools (Custom)

All the iron tools (Custom)

Cooked and raw beef (Custom)

Bowl (Custom)

All book Types (Custom)

Cauldron (Vermillion City Gym)

Carrot on a stick (Custom)

Bread (Custom)

Clay Ball (Custom)

Cookie (Custom)

Black Dye (Custom)

Blue Dye (Custom with parts taken from Lapis Ore)

Brown Dye (Custom)

Fire Ball (Custom)

Nether Wart (Nether Wart texture)

Cooked and Raw Chicken (Custom)

All the diamond armour (Custom)

All the empty armour slots (Custom)

All the chainmail armour (Custom)

All the iron armour (Custom)

Ender Pearl (Custom)

Ender Eye (Custom)

Leather (Custom)

Cake (Custom)

All the dyes (Custom)

Experience Bottle (Custom)

Clock (Default Minecraft texture)

Bone Meal/White Dye (Broken bone item)

Feather (Custom with colours from chicken texture)

Firework (Custom)

Firework charge and overlay (Custom)

Glowstone Dust (Custom)

Ghast Tear (Custom)

Gold Nugget (Custom)

Lead (Custom)

Leather Armour (Custom)

All the gold armour (Custom)

Mushroom Stew (Custom using the plain bowl item texture)

Magma Cream (Custom)

Map and Filled Map (Custom)

Melon and Speckled Melon (Custom)

Name Tag (Custom)

Nether Star (Recoloured...something. I really have no idea what the item is in game, but the shape is credit to the original creators.)

Paper (Custom)

Ruby (Some red gem from in-game)

Raw and Cooked Mutton (Custom)

Raw and Cooked Porkchop (Custom)

All potato incarnations (Custom)

Prismarine Shard and Crystal (Custom)

Quiver (Custom)

Pumpking Pie (Custom)


All the mobs are based on Pokemon found in Fire Red and Leaf Green. Pokemon past that point are not included. For the cows, if you comment saying "Oh you should have done a Miltank!" I'll pull out a standard "That's not how this texture pack works." response. I know there are better Pokemon I could use, but I stuck with those found in Fire Red/Leaf Green. Also, all the colours used and styles are taken from the in-game sprites. No external pictures used. So excuse any poor details. I have no idea what the Tauros' butt looks like and there is nothing I can do about it.

Cow (Tauros)

Mooshroom (Recoloured Tauros)

Ghast (Tentacruel)

Red Cat (Flareon)

Blaze (Voltorb head only, blaze spinning rods were removed from the entity for the time being)

Bat (Zubat)

Pig (Slowpoke)

Chicken (Pidgey)

Creeper (Caterpie)

Endermite (Custom because there was no Pokemon that would work for that mob)

Steve (Base male trainer)

Enderman (Haunter)

Zombie (Custom sourced from Ned the Zombie skin I made)

Spider (Parasect)

Skeleton (Custom)

CreditRollaTroll for help on text effects for the cover image.
Progress80% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : by Zitzabis 12/12/2018 8:48:50 pmDec 12th, 2018

This update is designed to resolve broken textures/models and make the ores more visible in-game.

Dirt Path
Iron Ore
Gold Ore
Diamond Ore
Redstone Ore

Large fern
Enchanting table model.
Crafting table model.
Redstone lamp lit/unlit model.
Flower pot model.
TNT model.
Removes custom anvil models.

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03/23/2022 8:08 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Herodummy avatar
Its perfect for minecraft Pixelmon its My favorite Pokemon Texturepack πŸ˜€πŸ˜Ž
07/31/2021 9:24 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Homive avatar
Hello how can i download it i cant seem to download it when i click it , it says " Your connection if not private "
02/24/2021 8:34 pm
Level 22 : Expert Skinner
derpymerp9 avatar
bruh it doesent even work
02/24/2021 9:35 pm
Level 74 : Legendary Gent
Zitzabis avatar
"Updated 2 years ago"
"Game Version Minecraft 1.12.2"

Sorry, this pack has not been updated in a long time and the submission states which MC version it is compatible with.

Maybe one day I will work on this again. But I have a job now.
08/28/2020 5:12 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Gracidia avatar
Can you pleas make a mcpack link for this? I really want to use this, it looks cool, but I can't use zip files
04/07/2021 9:08 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
megamonsta2 avatar
mcpacks are for bedrock and even if you do turn it into a .mcpack, the resourcepack wont properly work since this is a java resourcepack
12/21/2019 11:58 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Mage
JavaMR avatar
This is a really nice texture pack you've made here!
02/12/2019 2:48 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
CG-573 avatar
Still working on this pack? I would love to see it completed.
02/25/2021 2:38 am
Level 74 : Legendary Gent
Zitzabis avatar
The time might be soon. ;)
02/11/2019 12:04 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
CG-573 avatar

Is this issue just for me or is it the resource pack?


Other than that,

Planet Minecraft


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