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Greenfield Official Texture Pack

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Level 95 : Overlord Boss
The Greenfield Resource Pack is a city-building-focused resource pack. It provides a wide assortment of blocks to suit the needs of all sorts of structures and building types required of a modern city. With that in mind, this particular resource pack is designed for the Greenfield City Map - if you haven't heard of Greenfield, we suggest you check it out!


Q: Can I use this for my public (or soon-to-be-released) map?

A: Yes, if it is a completely unedited version of this resource pack.

Q: Can I use resources from this resource pack in my own work?
A: Yes if it is a non-publicly distributed work. No, if you intend to release it publicly. If you want to release your work publicly, you must request permission via the instructions provided on the GreenfieldMC conditions page.

Q: Can I use this in a video?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I reupload this resource pack on another website?
A: No.

Q: I Found an issue, can I report it?
A: Yes, report it here

Useful Links

Keep up to date with Greenfield

Random block showcase

Crafting Table (Box):

Our Crafting Table Texture

Cobblestone (Cinder Block):

Calcite (4x4 Tile):
Greenfield Official Texture Pack Minecraft Texture Pack

Blackstone (Dark Red Brick):

Magenta Candle (Bedside Lamp):

How to install Greenfield + Texture Pack

Previous Editions of the Greenfield Texture Pack

Version 1.17
Version 1.16
Version 1.14
Version 1.13
Version 1.12
Version 1.11
Version 1.10
Version 1.8
Version 1.7
Version 1.6

Known bugs
  • Paintings do not have transparency on the non-forward/backward facing sides (this is an inherent issue with Minecraft)
If you find more bugs, create a ticket at https://github.com/GreenfieldMC/Greenfield-Texturepack/issues
CreditThe Greenfield Build Team
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.20

2 Update Logs

1.20 : by THEJESTR 07/29/2023 12:13:46 pmJul 29th, 2023

  • (Almost) Fixed Painting Transparency
  • Added 3d model to Activator Rail
  • Added 3d model to Ladders
  • Randomised textures for Blue Ice
  • Randomised textures for Packed Ice
  • Randomised textures for Powdered Snow
  • Randomised textures for Snow
  • Random rotations for Nether Wart
  • Fixed particles for Brown Candle
  • Fixed particles for Green Candle
  • Metal frame for Item Frame
  • Metal frame for Glow Item Frame
  • Added Item Model for Glow Berries
  • Changed Lime Candle Hat Model
  • Slightly Changed Color of Granite
  • Slightly Changed Color of Sandstone
  • Fixed Jigsaw animation
  • Slightly dampened the color of Magenta Blocks
  • Slightly dampened the color of Lime Blocks
  • Slightly dampened the color of Purple Blocks
  • Updated Greenfield Logo to 1.20 texture format
  • Fixed The Boys Snow Screen
  • Slightly changed hue of Light Blue, Blue and Brown Glass
  • Changed color of Magenta Glass to White
  • Desaturated Carpets

  • Chiseled Bookshelf (Store Shelves)
  • Mud (Granite Tile)
  • Packed Mud (Terrazzo Tiles)
  • Pearlescent Froglight (Open signs)
  • Verdant Froglight (Weird light)
  • Ochre Froglight (Floating Lantern)
  • Pink Petals (Computer Models)
  • Sculk (Green marble tile)
  • Suspicious Gravel (Gravel and Dirt variations)
  • Suspicious Sand (Box variations)
  • Amethyst Cluster (Light)
  • Small Amethyst Cluster (Metal Trim Strips)
  • Medium Amethyst Cluster (Wooden Joists)
  • Large Amethyst Cluster (Metal Grate)
  • Chorus Plant (Plant Stem)
  • Chorus Flower (Plant Vegetation)
  • Cocoa Beans (Spigot, Tap and Toilet 3d Models)
  • Lava Cauldron (Fry Oil)
  • Mangrove Roots (Aquarium)
  • Reinforced Deepslate (Sink Model)
  • Decorative Pot (Pillar variations)
  • Hanging Roots (Hanging Roots)
  • Sculk Shrieker (Star Trek Transporter)
  • New Splash Texts
  • Bamboo Block (Green Tiles)
  • Bamboo Door (Stripped Birch Door)
  • Bamboo Trapdoor (Stipped Birch Trapdoor)
  • Bamboo Mosaic (Black Block with Stairs, Slabs, etc.)
  • Bamboo Planks (Slightly Striped White Block)
  • Bamboo Sign (Black Sign)
  • Stripped Bamboo (Herringbone pattern Bricks)
  • Cherry Door (Push Bar Door)
  • Cherry Leaves (Leaves with Flowers)
  • Cherry Wood (Red Tiles)
  • Cherry Planks (Light Metal Block with Stairs, Slabs, etc.)
  • Cherry Sapling (Cherry Sapling)
  • Cherry Trapdoor (Light Metal Trapdoor)
  • Cherry Sign (Light Metal Sign)
  • Mangrove Door (Red Door)
  • Mangrove Trapdoor (Smooth Stone Trapdoor)
  • Mangrove Leaves (Generic Leaves)
  • Mangrove Wood (Brown Pillar)
  • Mangrove Sign (Red Sign)
  • Stripped Mangrove Wood (Beige Tiles)
  • Mangrove Planks (Red Block with Stairs, Slabs, etc.)
  • Mud Bricks (New Brick texture)
  • Muddy Mangrove Roots (Gray Tiles)
  • Pitcher Pod (Plant Pot and Plant variations)
  • Torchflower (Purple Flower)
  • Hanging Signs
    • Hanging Oak Sign
    • Hanging Spruce Sign
    • Hanging Birch Sign
    • Hanging Jungle Sign (Exit sign)
    • Hanging Acacia Sign
    • Hanging Dark Oak Sign
    • Hanging Mangrove Sign
    • Hanging Cherry Sign
    • Hanging Bamboo Sign
    • Hanging Crimson Sign
    • Hanging Warped Sign
  • New Paintings
    • Earth (Family Photo)
    • Fire (Incomplete Subway Map)
    • Water (Abstract Art)
    • Wind (Pop Art)

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05/04/2024 9:07 am
Level 1 : New Miner
anonpmc5106119's Avatar
01/04/2024 10:01 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Network
MunoLinoBLD's Avatar
Why cant install in bedrock :(
Please make another one for bedrock i found this unfair i was so excited :(
07/29/2023 1:04 pm
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Creeper
Team UNNAMED's Avatar
what do you mean est 2011
07/29/2023 2:37 pm
Level 95 : Overlord Boss
The Greenfield project was established in 2011
07/29/2023 6:14 pm
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Creeper
Team UNNAMED's Avatar
ikwtm but wow 2011? Can you send me the files of the VERY first version? And maybe all of the original textures that you made for the other blocks, then you can release it as "Early Greenfield" or something
07/29/2023 10:46 pm
Level 95 : Overlord Boss
The old resourcepack has been long lost, I think the oldest version we have on hand is available on our website (I believe it is from 1.6). Previous versions of greenfield used another resourcepack that is no longer available for download iirc
07/29/2023 10:58 pm
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Creeper
Team UNNAMED's Avatar
also could I help with the pack? I'd great at this style of textures
07/29/2023 11:08 pm
Level 95 : Overlord Boss
The pack is open-source, if you would like to help, we can technically accept PRs, but we prefer they come from build members, as they know our needs in the city. Join the discord if you'd like to discuss this further. We are at a bit of a stagnation point in terms of the pack, since we are at parity with the 1.20 update.
07/29/2023 10:57 pm
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Creeper
Team UNNAMED's Avatar
05/12/2023 7:15 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
usernamealreadytaken's Avatar
can I use some of the textures in this pack?
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