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Greenfield Official Texture Pack

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Level 94 : Overlord Boss
The Greenfield Texture Pack is a city-building-focused resource pack. We have produced a wide assortment of blocks to suit the needs of all sorts of building types. The resourcepack is specifically designed for the Greenfield City Map- if you haven’t heard of Greenfield, we suggest you check it out!

You can use this texturepack on another build server of yours, as long as the name of the pack isn't changed and credit is given somewhere (linking to this PMC page) for it. If you just want to use some textures from our pack, without actually using the whole pack, ask an administrator in our discord or in the comments section to permit you, and make sure credit is given somewhere for it in your pack.

Useful Links:

Keep up to date with Greenfield

We have many different kinds of textures within this resourcepack, below are some examples of some random useful ones we have within.

Crafting Table (Box):

Our Crafting Table Texture

Cobblestone (Cinder Block):

Calcite (4x4 Tile):
Greenfield Official Texture Pack Minecraft Texture Pack

Blackstone (Dark Red Brick):

Magenta Candle (Bedside Lamp):

How to install Greenfield + Texture Pack

Previous Editions of the Greenfield Texture Pack

Version 1.16
Version 1.14
Version 1.13
Version 1.12
Version 1.11
Version 1.10
Version 1.8
Version 1.7
Version 1.6

Known bugs
  • Paintings do not have transparency (this is an inherent issue with Minecraft)
If you find more bugs, create a ticket at https://github.com/GreenfieldMC/Greenfield-Texturepack/issues
CreditKristofferAndre, NJDaeger, Bluecolty, Staples_, JacobKazias, Cooth
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.17

1 Update Logs

1.17 : by THEJESTR 07/23/2021 11:51:21 pmJul 23rd, 2021

* Fix Nether Sprouts item model
* Fix Carved Pumkin face
* Fix Jack o'Lantern face
* Fix Chain item texture (Color match)
* Fix Crimson Roots Flower Pot model (Was default)
* Fix Warped Roots Flower Pot model (Was default)
* Fix Granite (Less tiling, random rotations)
* Fix Redstone Torch item (Straggling pixels)
* Fix Fletching Table (Bottom texture)
* Fix Crafting Table (Bottom texture)
* Fix Soul Campfire (Remove ashes)
* Fix Dead Horn Coral Fan (Color adjustments)
* Fix Dead Bubble Coral Fan (Color adjustments)
* Fix Dead Brain Coral Fan (Color adjustments)
* Fix Spruce Door item
* Fix Dead Horn Coral Block (Fix tiling issues)
* Fix Weeping Vines (Color adjustments)
* Fix Cartography Table (Bottom and top)

Redone Groups of Blocks:
* Redid Beds (Texture redo, some color adjustments)
* Redid Glass (Texture redo, same color)
* Redid Wool (Texture redo, some color adjustments)
* Redid Concrete Powder (Texture redo)
* Redid Terracottas (Texture redo)
* Redid Oak
- Planks
- Log
- Stripped Log
* Redid Spruce
- Planks
- Log
- Stripped Log
* Redid Birch
- Planks
- Log
- Stripped Log
* Redid Jungle
- Planks
- Log
- Stripped Log
* Redid Acacia
- Planks
- Log
- Stripped Log
* Redid Dark Oak
- Planks
- Log
- Stripped Log
* Redid Oak based Shulkers (Texture redo, based on Oak Stripped Log)
* Redid Spruce based Shulkers (Texture redo, based on Spruce Stripped Log)
* Redid Jungle based Shulkers (Texture redo, based on Jungle Stripped Log)
* Redid Acacia based Shulkers (Texture redo, based on Acacia Stripped Log)
* Redid Quartz based Shulkers (Texture redo)
* Redid Metal based Shulkers (Texture redo )
* Redid Dropper (Texture redo, goes with metal based Shulkers)
* Redid Rails
- Detector Rail (Off: Stovetop off, On: Stovetop on)
- Activator Rail (Off: metal cable, On: rope)
- Powered Rail (Off: Non moving chain, On: Moving chain)
- Rails (Texture redo, concrete ties)
* Redid Ores
- Gold Ore (Yellow tactile pavement)
- Iron Ore (Small metal road cover, random rotations)
- Lapis Ore (Water puddle, random rotations)
- Redstone Ore (Blood puddle, random rotations)
- Emerald Ore (Mossy stone, random rotations)
- Diamond Ore (Red tactile pavement)
- Coal Ore (New stone, random rotations)
* Redid all cinder blocks (Standardization)
- Cobblestone
- Mossy cobblestone
- Sandstone (Color adjustments)
- Cracked Stone Bricks
- Mossy Stone Bricks
- Stone Bricks
- Quartz (Color adjustments)
- Polished Granite
* Redid most vegitation
- Oxeye Daisy
- Cornflower
- Lily of the Valley
- Wither Rose
- Brown Mushroom
- Red Mushroom
- Lilac
- Peony
- Sunflower
- Dandelion
- Poppy
- Blue Orchid
- Allium
- Azure Bluet
- Red Tulip
- Orange Tulip
- White Tulip
- Pink Tulip
- Vines
- Large Fern
- Fern
- Tall Grass
- Grass
- Rose
- Oak Sapling
- Spruce Sapling
- Birch Sapling
- Jungle Sapling
- Acacia Sapling
- Big Oak Sapling
- Cactus
- Dead Bush
- Berry Bush
- Kelp
- Seagrass
- Tall Seagrass
* Redid all regular bricks
- Bricks
- Polished Blackstone Bricks
- Blackstone
- Nether Bricks
- End Stone Bricks
- Purpur Block
* Redid all smooth stone based textures
- Smooth Stone
- Smooth Sandstone
- Chiseled Polished Blackstone
- Chiseled Nether Bricks
- Smooth Quartz
- Lodestone
- Smooth Stone Slab side
- Cut Red Sandstone (Turned into smooth stone based)
- Prismarine Bricks (Turned into smooth stone based)

Redone Misc Blocks:
* Redid ALL Paintings
* Redid Gravel
* Redid Bedrock
* Redid Dirt
* Redid Coarse Dirt
* Redid Podzol
* Redid Mycelium
* Redid Warped Nylium
* Redid Crimson Nylium
* Redid Dried Kelp Block
* Redid Grass Block
* Redid Soul Sand
* Redid Obsidian (Dark cobbles)
* Redid Stone
* Redid Andesite
* Redid Polished Andesite
* Redid Farmland
* Redid Dirt Path
* Redid Block of Lapis
* Redid Chiseled Sandstone
* Redid Cut Sandstone
* Redid Diorite
* Redid Polished Diorite
* Redid End Stone
* Redid Terracotta
* Redid Clay
* Redid Coal Block
* Redid Bookshelf (Random textures, better colors)
* Redid Quartz Pillar
* Redid Chiseled Quartz
* Redid Glowstone
* Redid Sea Lantern
* Redid Redstone Lamp
* Redid Block of Redstone
* Redid Daylight Detectors
* Redid Prismarine
* Redid Dark Prismarine
* Redid Command block
* Redid Chain Command Block (Bloom to lights)
* Redid Repeating Command Block
* Redid Bee Nest (Bee box)
* Redid Beehive (File box)
* Redid Sponge
* Redid Wet Sponge
* Redid Piston
* Redid Sticky Piston
* Redid Hopper (Acacia texture)
* Redid Anvil (Acacia texture)
* Redid Trapped Chest (Stripped spruce log texture)
* Redid Chest (Stripped oak log texture)
* Redid Ender Chest (Coal block texture)
* Redid Warped Wart Block (Standardize)
* Redid Nether Wart (Made into ground trash)
* Redid Lily Pad (New texture, random textures)
* Redid Dragon Egg (Lamp base or vase)
* Redid Chiseled Stone Bricks (New crate design)
* Redid Brewing Stand (Metal)
* Redid Enchanting Table (Nicer table)
* Redid End Portal Frame (Nice table with sandwich (when Eye of Ender is in it))
* Redid Lectern (New bookshelf, update wood)
* Redid Noteblock
* Redid Jukebox
* Redid Bone Block
* Redid Lever
* Redid Iron Block
* Redid Gold Block
* Redid Diamond Block
* Redid Hay Bale
* Redid Pumpkin
* Redid Melon
* Redid Redstone Dust
* Redid Redstone Torch
* Redid Torch
* Redid Crimson Trapdoor
* Redid Spruce Trapdoor
* Redid Oak Trapdoor
* Redid Birch Trapdoor
* Redid Oak Door
* Redid Spruce Door
* Redid Iron Door
* Redid Iron Bars
* Redid Spruce Sign
* Redid Oak Sign
* Redid TNT
* Redid Ladder
* Redid Wheat (Made Default)
* Redid Iron Trapdoor (Made Default)
* Redid Stonecutter
* Redid Bell (Texture update to gold, model update)
* Redid Flower Pot

+ Copper Ore (Rust stain)
+ Tinted Glass (Boarded up windows)
+ Lightning Rod (Dark pole thing)
+ Block of Amethyst (Blue/Navy tile)
+ Calcite (Cream/White tile)
+ Tuff (Black tile)
+ Powdered Snow
+ Cut Copper (Orange stucco)
+ Block of Copper (Decorative Orange Stucco)
+ Exposed Cut Copper (Pink stucco)
+ Block of Exposed Copper (Decorative Pink Stucco)
+ Weathered Cut Copper (Green Stucco)
+ Block of Weathered Copper (Decorative Green Stucco)
+ Oxidized Cut Copper (Brown Stucco)
+ Block of Oxidized Copper (Decorative Brown Stucco)
+ Pointed Dripstone (Palm Trunk/Tree detailing)
+ Dripstone Block (Brown Slate)
+ Candles
- Candle is candle
- White candle is candle
- Orange Candle (Light source; 3px/8px thick, dirty/clean)
- Magenta Candle (Small lamp; white, black, brown, tan)
- Light Blue Candle (Large lamp; white, black, brown, tan)
- Yellow Candle (Small hanging light with Shade; white, black, brown, tan)
- Lime Candle (Outdoor wall light; north, south, east, west)
- Pink Candle (Desk lamp; north, south, east, west)
- Gray Candle (Floor spotlight; north, south, east, west)
- Light Gray Candle (Ceiling spotlight; north, south, east, west)
- Cyan Candle (Narrower, 3px thick, ceiling light; n/s, e/w and dirty/clean)
- Purple Candle (Single pixel thick light; north, south, east, west)
- Blue Candle (Boob light; white, black, brown, tan)
- Brown Candle (Cylindrical ceiling light with shade; white, black, brown, tan)
- Green Candle (Fan with light; white, black, brown, tan)
- Red Candle (LED Floodlight; north, south, east, west)
- Black Candle (Indistrual bay light; LED/sodium light, metal/clear shell)
+ Glow Lichen (Recessed light/pot light)
+ Glow Item Frame
+ Moss Block (Gray decorative carpet)
+ Glow Berries
- On: Lit chandelier
- Off: Unlit chandelier
+ Azalea
+ Flowering Azalea
+ Small Dripleaf (Cat tails)
+ Big Dripleaf (Big lilypad)
+ Spore Blossom (Industrial ceiling fan, no light)
+ Hanging Roots
+ Rooted Dirt (Sandy Dirt)
+ Cobbled Deepslate (Limestone)
+ Deepslate (Limestone pillar)
+ Deepslate Bricks (Limestone cinder block)
+ Chiseled Deepslate (Smooth limestone)
+ Cracked Deepslate Tiles (Decorative limestone)
+ Cracked Deepslate Bricks (Decorative limestone)
+ Deepslate Tiles (Brown brick)
+ Polished Deepslate (Red cinder block)
+ Smooth Basalt (Smooth red)
+ Deepslate Ores
- Coal Ore (2x2 version of Chiseled Polished Blackstone)
- Iron Ore (2x2 version of Red Cut Sandstone)
- Copper Ore (2x2 version of Chiseled Deepslate)
- Gold Ore (2x2 version of Smooth Sandstone)
- Redstone Ore (2x2 version of Chiseled Nether Bricks)
- Emerald Ore (2x2 version of Lodestone)
- Lapis Ore (2x2 version of Smooth Stone)
- Diamond Ore (2x2 version of Smooth Quartz)
+ Block of Raw Iron (Brown cobbles)
+ Block of Raw Copper (Redish cobbles)
+ Block of Raw Gold (Gray cobbles)
+ Light block

Additional changes:
* Reduce size of main menu images
* Redid all splash text
* Shortened usual names in the credits to accomodate for the next point
+ Added Staples, Cooth and JacobKazias to credits
+ Added a new Greenfield Title Menu Text
- Removed Armor textures, except gold
- Removed custom songs
- Removed KRE8TIV from the credits (No more affiliation with the project)

Almost everything was listed, we likely forgot about something though. This update was intense.

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05/12/2023 7:15 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
usernamealreadytaken avatar
can I use some of the textures in this pack?
08/27/2022 4:29 pm
Level 1 : New Network
Sndr avatar
Is there going to be 1.19.2 resource pack? me and my friend wanted to explore it on the latest versions.
03/14/2022 5:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
FadingSignal avatar
Hello! Just wondering if this works on the current 1.18.2 build of minecraft, as I would love to use this if it does
04/04/2022 4:15 pm
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Programmer
NJDaeger avatar
Sorry for the very delayed reply. There may be some incomplete textures for 1.18, but it should work out of the box regardless! We are working on the 1.18 pack right now- it is on our backburner, though, while we work on completing the Greenfield update!
03/08/2022 5:23 pm
Level 26 : Expert Crafter
Shawn_ avatar
Nice resource pack! Do you plan on adding a custom texture to the different stages of amethyst buds?
11/11/2021 12:52 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Mage
BallisticGhoul avatar
Wow! This going to be very useful for my SCP Minecraft map!
07/26/2021 2:08 am
Level 1 : New Miner
IDontHaveAFace avatar
I love this. Why do we not have more "modern slice of life" 16x16 resource packs out there. Everyone always does some "medieval fantasy" crap, this is so much more unique. I love every single texture, it's gorgeous. Was kinda hoping black bricks would make it here, that would be perfect.
I also like how the planks texture is more vanilla-friendly than Jappa's actual planks.
07/26/2021 11:15 am
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Programmer
NJDaeger avatar
I'm glad you like the pack! We do have black bricks within the pack- check out one of the blackstone textures (I can't remember exactly what one we put it on) in addition to that, one of the dead coral blocks has a black tile/brick-like texture on it too :)

Thank you :D
04/16/2021 12:04 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
AriesReaper avatar
On the website with all the downloads for this texture pack, it says that the 1.16 version is compatible with the 1.15 version of minecraft? I did try that but it just crashed my minecraft instead. Is the 1.16 version compatible with 1.15 or is there just no version for 1.15?
04/23/2021 11:25 am
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Programmer
NJDaeger avatar
It is compatible with 1.15- we did a big majority of the development in 1.15.

I imagine if you had any mods installed, those mods might have crashed the game. It is also possible you didn't give it long enough to load, or you didn't have enough RAM allocated to Minecraft. I will note, that this shouldn't be a very heavy-to-load resourcepack, since the textures are all mostly 16x.
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