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10 Secret Survival Games Tips

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Why could you possibly be here? Probably because you want some tips for Survival Games. What might those tips be? You're about to find out.

1. Don't underestimate chest range.

"What?" you ask? I see this a lot at Cornucopia (mid) where people have to stand right next to the chest and then open it, then they wonder why it was already looted. To interact with a chest, otherwise known as opening it, the maximum range you can do that is at 5 blocks. This means that from 5 blocks away you can open a chest (and yes I've tried this before). What this means is that instead of what you think was 2 blocks, you can reach a chest from a farther distance in turn making you get the contents before anyone else.

2. Go for swords before anything else.

Simple enough, but why? During the very first minutes of the game, the people with weapons will basically slay anyone they find or anyone that comes at them. During this all the players are still relatively clustered together, which you can feed on before everyone spreads out. It is more important to have a sword before armor early game because you can slay armored people with a sword before their fist does any real damage, and then you receive the armor anyway. You're also likely to find food in nearby chests, so if you open a chest, getting a sword is your first priority. Don't get too cocky though.

3. When in large teams, split up.

Large teams (4 or more) that follow each other around will stretch the items that they find very thinly among them, rendering them all pretty weak unless they just happen to survive until late game. Also in fights, people are more likely to hit their own teammates than the actual enemy unless they switch. (I'll explain later). Splitting up into mini-teams (3 at most) will allow a larger overall item yield and the teams can bunch together at mid game and destroy everyone now that they all have pretty nice loots.

4. When in a team, switch in against solos.

This technique works incredibly well in all types of arena minigames in Minecraft. When it is anything past a 2v1 with the number in your favor, switch in players during the fight. Switching is when you have one person fight them and when their health is getting low, have them fall back and put another teammate in the fight to continue it. Make sure to have people by any exits to prevent them from running away. Switching also prevents teammates from hitting each other when in a giant gang-up against one guy. Personally, I good benchmark to switch out is when you can take only 2 more hits before dying, which is enough time to get out of range and switch another person in.

5. Take advantage of restock.

Assuming enough players are still left, there will be a restock at night when the moon is maybe 2-3 minutes away from it's highest point (midway through night). If you happen to stumble upon an area with many chests or overall better loot than other chests, you can choose to stay around until restock (some call it refill) where you the chests to refill their loot and you can take more! You could also go to mid for restock but be observant as people may be hanging around there as well.

6. Teams of three, let them be. Teams of two, up to you.

Self explanatory. Only take a team of three at deathmatch or forced into a really bad situation. For teams of two, if their combined armor and gear tops yours, don't even try. A rule of thumb for me is that if they both have stone swords or higher, don't go in unless you have utility equipment like f&s and bows.

7. Avoid water as much as possible.

Only use if when you have to (necessary travel/on fire). When in water, it is incredibly easy for someone to pick you off with a bow as your motion is incredibly slower. A decent shot could take you down with only 3-8 arrows. If you want to get to an island or a similar area, make sure no one is nearby before committing, but if someone finds you and starts shooting, going underwater is your best bet.

8. Usually, parkour isn't worth it.

Unless you're some parkour god, don't attempt it unless you're sure extremely nice rewards lie on the other side. I've done many parkour parts in Survival Games maps, and the rewards are usually just iron and then some. You can easily obtain these types of items from killing people or easier to get chests.

9. 'learn yer jukes.

When running away from people, make sure to use little tricks and spins to get away. Some examples are when you are getting chased up the stairs, and then quickly turn around and jump down the stairs, behind their backs, and continue. (I like to call them stair jukes). When getting chased by someone who may be inexperienced, sometimes it's good to spin around and run right past them in the other direction while they're chasing you. This give a larger space between the two of you and also confuses them.

10. Understand deathmatch.

This can be considered the most important part of winning Survival Games, but there are so many little things happening within deathmatch that you might even need to go into their minds and try to understand them. What I see most of the time is a constantly switcharound of f&s, sword, and bow. Swords for direct combat (which both players just love to avoid, idk why), bows for damage when not near them, and flint and steel when you're being pursued. But you have to understand what your enemy plans to do and how you plan to counter that. You need to know when to use a sword, bow, or f&s because when your enemy sees what you're holding, they might react differently.

Thanks for reading this informative blog about Survival Games!
I'll be out with more soon. lulz

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12/08/2015 6:23 pm
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LEl almost win
12/08/2015 6:11 pm
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Awesome dude i'll try it if it works i will subscribe!
04/09/2014 12:43 pm
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LuxLacis's Avatar
Great tips! You really inspired me to write my own. :D Thnx.
11/30/2013 12:06 pm
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Instant_ReplEH's Avatar
For #6 on most servers it's impossible to get in a Deathmatch with a team of three, seeing as deathmatch starts at 3 people
11/30/2013 12:13 pm
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janidorr's Avatar
Deathmatch also starts after a time limit, so it is possible to be with teams of three.
12/01/2013 1:20 am
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Instant_ReplEH's Avatar
Yes, actually experienced that today :( also I was playing on the new map on The Hive and hive has 4 person DM so, sorry 'bout the mistake. :P
11/17/2013 10:21 pm
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I'm glad you did this, some people could really use it.
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