Bad admins I think I might have super powers.

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avatar storywolf
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So I was surfing the internet lookin for a minecraft server. I found one I joined the staff AMAZING at first.....
It was great the first couple days then one of the admins started world editing peoples house out of the world. Not mine. I asked him why are you doing that so he said shut up fagg*t. And I told him i'm not gay therefore your over using the word fagg*t. So he world edited my house out and said say your a f*cking gay homo who want's to suck my d*ck or I will ban you. So I told him my self-asteam is worth more then that so he banned me for 1 minute atleast thats what it said it was really forever. A week later that server was deleted from planetminecraft and went offline forever. The owners profile has nothing on it this has happened 3 other times I think I have super powers O_O FEAR ME!!!! =D

If there are anywords that are not appropriate I can bleep them out. Some words are there to tell you how seriously mean they were. The admins were banning other players who wouldn't say they were homsexual. even if they did they were all banned.
CreditMe aka storywolf aka crazycowcat. Also a thanks to terrible server owners

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06/19/2012 12:43 am
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Awesome dude
06/16/2012 7:25 pm
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OH NOES. D: ~runs away~
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