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'better than wolves mod': is there better than horses? Is Minecraft 1.6 a waste of time?

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avatar potatofarm100
Level 28 : Expert Architect
'Better than wolves mod': is there better than horses? Is Minecraft 1.6 a waste of time?
There are usually many blogs on what Mojang should add to the next update etc. However i would like to give a greater insight. The 'better than wolves mod' arose when wolves were added to Minecraft and a certain modder became outraged by the fact that there were many other things that could be added to the game rather than wolves.

What should Mojang do to avoid a 'better than horses mod'?

I love the new horses, don't get me wrong but as did the creator of 'better than wolves' I believe that there are more important things that Mojang need to address, not necessarily the things in the 'better than wolves mod' either.
What should be addressed then?

-The lighting engine

image wouldn't show: goo.gl/1DNTv

Why add things when this is still broken?

Do i need to explain?

There are weapons why not a shield? I cannot believe that I can't find even a mod for this!

-More weapons like in balkon's weapon mod
Am I the only one who would like to use a spear- it would be cheaper?

-Armed villager guards and fortifications- enemy and friendly
A bit of variety would be nice, wouldn't it?

You can drink a bottle of water it does nothing though, why not have thirst and some other drinks too?!

-fix the world generation

image wouldn't show: goo.gl/cOFgH
Solid edges between biomes and snow next to a hot desert, please get it sorted Mojang!

-OP skellingtons
Im pathetic at PVP, PVE and PVeverything, but i think the skeletons have suddenly become overpowered all of a sudden they need to be taken down a.....Notch. Sorry.

-villages don't have corner stairs yet (i do understand it would be hard to fix)
Like the retro roof or hate it, it's up to you... oh and Mojang.
Other problems with the villages are ranted about quite well here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/minecraft-village-problems/

With a week to wait, will any of these ideas appear in the updates after?
I'll think of more later to rant about, thanks for reading!

05/28/2013 3:50 pm
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Hero
Not everything is perfect.
They're most likely working on bugs & stuff at the same time.
What I have to say for a few things:
Lag - Depends on your computer. I have seen pictures of people with over 100 FPS, and a youtube video where they could use the shaders mod with almost no lag at all, while I get around 20-80 FPS sometimes, 3-15 while using a shaderpack with the shaders mod. 20 is fast enough though, and you sense barely any differences above 60 FPS.
Drinks - We have potions and water bottles and milk. What else is needed? Not like drinks would add more stuff.
OP Skeletons - They shoot faster as you get closer to them, that's all. They're easy to kill if you have a bit of armor and a sword.
05/28/2013 4:24 pm
Level 28 : Expert Architect
fair enough but what do you think of my other suggestions? :D
05/28/2013 7:08 pm
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Hero
Armor is sort-of like a type of shield.

We don't really need any more weapons, not like more swords would do anything.

That light bug with chests only happens if they are chests from 1.7.3 or before and haven't been replaced, or something. At least, I think so, because I haven't seen that chest bug at all. Only in Beta 1.8 because of 1.7.3 chests.

You can't say new things are a waste of time when they're fixing things/bugs also, and that doesn't really make them a 'waste of time'.
05/28/2013 4:07 pm
Level 23 : Expert Architect
I agree with you on drinks, but the other things could use at least a LITTLE improvement. But then again, working on a game is really hard so yeah I guess I can't blame Mojang. Wait.... haven't you commented on something I uploaded on the forums? Because I think you have.
05/28/2013 4:21 pm
Level 28 : Expert Architect
I might have done
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