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These are the blocks that you can be, Diamond, Emerald, Gold, Iron, Lapis La Zu, Quarts, and Bedrock
There are 5 Questions

What do best or like most?
A: Hide as well as you can B: Get trade from Villagers C: Get called Budder all day D: Build strong houses E: Be a protection from Griefers F: Stand there and look beautiful G: Be as strong as you can

What would you do if you went mining and found yourself as a block you just found?
A: Stare all day at it B: Mine myself C: Mine it and make it budder! D: Keep it for myself E: Throw myself and it in lava F: Be it's guard because it is a Queen Block! G: I can't even mine it!

What animal would you attract?
A: Well if he's a animal Steve B: I say a green sheep! C: Cats, or SkyDoesMinecraft D: Iron Golems of course!
E: Squids??? F: All the beautiful animals! G: Bats? Monsters? Creatures of Darkness?

Who is your enemy on minecraft?
A: HEROBRINE! He's built a whole house of my family! B: Villagers! C:Anyone who calls me BUDDER! D: Iron Golems, there are destroying my family just to make more of them! E: Houses F: The creatures of the Nether
G: Nothing

What is your favourite minecraft block?
A: Diamond B: Emerald C: Gold D: Iron E: Lapis Lu Zu F: Quarts G: Bedrock

If you got mainly . . . . . A: Diamond B: Emerald C: Gold D: Iron E: Lapis Lu Zu F: Quarts G: Bedrock
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