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*Chosen* - Chapter One

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CHOSEN - Chapter One
They sat, stone cold, in a darkened room; ready for their turn, their destiny, and their journey. The dirt walls concealed them from the light, many of them forgetting what their faceo s looked like, but even now they were all the same lifeless bodies, waiting.
Footsteps were approaching, heavy iron clamps could be heard, the o golemso they were called, but few of the inmates new what they looked like. The rusty sound of the hatch opening met their ears, they all looked up as the door opened and the light finally shone on their darkened faces, the same signs of hope on each of their faces, but only one shall leave tonight.
As if from nowhere a single calm voice spoke over them, o Wait for your turn. One has been selected. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid,o with that a dark metal figure moved into the doorway, a golem.
The golem edged its way towards the farthest inmate, pushing the others aside with his rock-solid arms, when there was only one inmate in its sight the golem spoke in a metallic voice, o You. Come,o with that the golem grabbed the humano s arm and pulled him through the metal door, slamming it behind him, o Faster. Move. Must be given name. Quicker. Go,o it said shoving the human in front of him, down a corridor, the inmate nodded, keeping his head down and walking on down the metal, prison-like corridor.
o Here, in,o The golem mumbled, coming to a halt outside an old, rusty door. The inmate obeyed, putting all his weight on the door and forcing his way into another dark, metal room.
o Welcome, Inmate,o A womano s voice echoed around the room, o You have been selected as the 6,906,478th player. A user has been registered. Your username is o Janeecho your skin has been changed to: o Steveo You are now in the game, gamemode selected, prepare for Hardcore.

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CreditJust me, jankajow on this one :)

09/12/2012 11:19 am
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