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xtrahungry559's Avatar xtrahungry559
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I have been seeing this a lot in the past few weeks. ?I have seen people complaining about Jeb going to far with minecraft. Well guess what guys i am sorry to say this but you don't have much control over that. We are actually lucky the people who are making these updates listen to us a lot more then i have seen other game creators have. All he's trying to do is make the game better for you guys these guys work for your entertainment! They don't need to do this! They do it for us!

I think that once 1.4 comes out of course people will complain for a week or so but after the update is out for a few weeks every one will get used to it and it'll be forgotten about. But then oh no every ones going to complain about 1.5!

Oh well we will have to deal with these people forever even when minecraft is forgotten about. In the future games too. Just remember their are always 2 groups the one and only annoying complainers and the people who try and succeed eventually without complaining "WHY DOESN'T ANY ONE LOOK AT MY SKINS!!!". The way these people like disco_, inHaze and Leostereo became so popular is because they tried and succeeded.

One more thing before i leave. Don't sweat the small stuff if some one comments something bad about one of your projects or skins. Just don't listen to them. And if people try giving you pointers don't take them in the wrong way think of them like the people want to help you and think you have potential to do well :). They are just trying to help remember that use those pointers to succeed :).

Cya next time my HOMIES :)

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08/10/2015 1:27 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Goblin
Suilimea Roswell
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It's sad the way people can sometimes be so selfish and be rude enough to complain about something so small...
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