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What this tricked 558 people into seeing for 3 years before I actually provided content.

Hello, my faithful subscribers. As you know, I'm hard at work on the Dauntless, and that it'll be some time before it's released as the full ship. As a result, I've been doodling up concept art for some of the other ships that I've planned. If you're interested in seeing what I've got in store for the Skylord Air Navy, check back occassionally to see what I've uploaded. This is just a notice, but I'll probably be uploading quite a few designs over the next week or so.

Iceyete (I hope that's how you spell it. I'm on my phone right now so I'm too scared to check it for fear of losing this entire post.) you should find this nice to see what ships you could be working on as well, if you finish the Clarion carrier before I finish the Dauntless. Also, I'll draw in weapon specs, so you can figure out how to outgun me! :)

That's all for now, folks!

I'd always look back at this blog scrolling through my submissions, and felt a twinge of guilt that I never actually had anything here. This was supposed to be a place where you could T-AKE (hehe ammo cargo ship) a look at what I had cooking, and served instead as a view farm I never wanted to get rid of. 3 years later, I think I actually have enough content compiled to make a legitimate blog. It's primarily dominated by concept art and various doodles and designs for airships, spaceships, and water ships, but I've included some miscellaneous stuff at the bottom to make it, soon, the Official AirshipsEverywhere Art Blog! (the hype is murderous, I know.) Without further ado, let's go! One last thing. Many of these are pictures of my sketchbooks and notebooks, and thus might be a little hard to see and/or read, so I'd recommend opening anything you are interested in in a new tab.

Some various designs for airships I've developed, this is hardly the tip of the iceberg. My notebooks for school are filled with airships of all types, but there are just so many that I had to pick my favorites to include here. Ignore the occasional educational items.
Funnily enough, I like airships. I know you would never have guessed from the username. Kicking things off is a compilation picture I did featuring the old and new Air Navies, as well as a hint of the future in the background.
Concept Art!

Next up, a civilian research airship. It's armed because of the risk of hostiles in the air, but it was one of my few ventures into civilian airships, especially lighter than air. This one is electric powered and designed to operate on the very edges of the atmosphere. Note the jet engines on the stern for propulsion.
Concept Art!

A ship I've hinted at several times throughout my projects, here's the current design for the UTS Air Navy's Defiant-class guided missile battleship! This thing is supposed to be huge, but there are only three in service because they're such logistical nightmares. As a reference, I drew in a to-scale Dauntless.
Concept Art!

Sorry about the smudginess, but here's a few ships from the various airgoing countries on my fictional continent. From left to right, the New Lunar Republic, United Territories of the Skylords, Kingdom of Corace, and the Empire of Al'Thyr. That Skyship Indomitable is the same one mentioned in the lore section of my Hunter-class Destroyer Escort.

I wanted to take an art class this semester, but the closest I could get was Art History. So far I've made the best out of it, especially with this brief timeline of airship progression from early UTS history to about the mid 1940s.

Speaking of old destroyers, this is an old picture but it's of a Cold War era ship (an era I haven't explored that much but want to.) and a WWII ship, as well as the WWII ship's corresponding humanization.

Included here are the ships in my profile side bar that form the Skylord Space Fleet in addition to a few other designs I don't really plan on making but I still drew up anyway. Plus a few concept designs for ships you might recognize.
Let's start things off with my CC fleet, beginning with the SF-18 Harpy Space Superiority Fighter.

Next, the heavy fighter of the fleet, the SF/A-8 Daemon fighter-bomber.

I don't have any concept art for the Starhound, a modified Grayhound, so have a sort-of dropship instead, my space version of an LCAC landing craft.

Next up, the SB-12 Condor bomber!

Going up to our first starship, the only one I've completed to any marginal degree, the Liberty-class Corvette.

Slightly larger, the spaceplane-inspired Altair-class Frigate.

Next up, the next most-built ship and my personal favorite, the Archangel-class destroyer.

Going only a little bit higher on the size scale is the general purpose freighter, the Hermes-class.

Slightly larger, the Delta Volanis-class Escort Carrier, intended to provide good fighter cover and convoy support for a cheaper price than an Andromeda-class fleet carrier, at the cost of a much smaller complement and range of craft it can carry.

The primary general purpose combatant of the UTS fleet, the Aurora-class armored cruiser.

Of a similar size we have two similar almost common hulled logistics ships, the Sprinter-class Fast Combat Support Ship and the Nova-class Fleet Oiler. The Sprinter is designed to be fast enough to keep up with and resupply an Andromeda strike group, while the Nova is meant for more behind the lines underway replenishment and filling up the Sprinters.

Jumping up in size a fair bit, we have the Pulsar-class Fleet Command Ship. While a combatant, its primary purpose is to give the commanding officer of a fleet a platform for communications relay and battlefield analysis, which lets him have a comprehensive understanding of the situation, available assets, and how best to employ those assets. Similar to the Blue Ridge class command ships of the US Navy except intended for space combat as well as planetary invasion.

Of a similar size is this doodle of a planetary assault ship modeled after US Navy amphibious assault ships, specifically Landing Helicopter Docks. This, the Terra-class LHDS, carries a lot of aviation assets as well as several space LCACs to transport its Marine Expeditionary Unit to the hapless planet below. It carries more dropships to aid in this as well as CAS gunships and aircraft and a small Marine fighter squadron for additional CAS as well as CAP and engaging enemy ground attack aircraft.

Now we're getting into the really big combatants, and starting us off at a projected 500 meters long is the Armadyl-class Battleships, the backbone of the direct combat fleet. These massive ships also have a small aviation wing on board, but primarily as a second line of defense and to aid carrier wings. Expensive but extremely powerful, there's a reason they're named after gods.

Next-largest, at 600+ blocks long, is the new and redesigned Andromeda-class fleet carrier. Huge and well-armed, they are the nucleus of a UTSSF carrier strike group, the building block of a quadrant fleet. Fielding almost a hundred space and aircraft but being by itself only space capable, the Andromeda is a force to be reckoned with, and is the primary provider of Anti-Subspace Warfare defense in a CSG.

Larger by another 100 meters, the Vengeance-class Devastator is a gigantic anti-matter powered self-propelled railgun. Capable of shooting several hundred ton projectiles at almost half the speed of light on a full charge, which takes a week to obtain, it is the most powerful weapon humanity has ever built, although they have never been used in anger. Skylord culture is wary of genocide, and so its powerful planet-cracking abilities are primarily used to harvest resources from uninhabited worlds, a task it is very capable and profitable at.

Blowing all of the previous vessels out of the water with a length of 1.5 kilometers, the Dyson-class Generation Ship, also classified as a Landing Platform Dock Planetary Assault Ship for its primary purpose, is so large that many of the technologies the Skylords use on smaller ships, such as artificial gravity, require far too much power to be applied to the whole vessel, and thus it is based around a large rotating section to provide physical artigrav. The ship is also too big for embedded radiators, especially with the gargantuan antimatter reactor, and so large radiator arrays are necessary. Surprisingly, it is still warp-capable and can enter a planet's atmosphere briefly to deliver an entire Air Navy Carrier Strike Group to appropriate areas. The large gun turrets on the bottom are intended for orbital bombardment.

Now that the list is over, I can go back to being disorganized. To start the next segment off is a design I scribbled up soon after seeing "The Martian." While this is a civilian solar system exploration vessel, you can see several elements that made their way into my Glenn-class destroyer. It also came about when Commander Crunch and I started devising a propulsion system based around a Palladium-hydride cold fusion reactor in conjunction with a Helium-3 hot fusion reactor and a large fusion rocket, although that design has been hanging back.

Design for a Space Submarine like my OHS Centurion except larger. Also present are some sub strategies and ASW methods.

Back before EATO was what it is now, I was thinking of it as a concept. Here's a joint US Navy/Japanese Space Self Defense Force destroyer squadron, one of a few with Skylord FTL technology, that is supervised by a UTS Aurora and intended for outer solar system patrol.

A 1/10th scale model of Armadyl version 1.0, not the version above, I built on the CC build server. In the background are some Skallord models.

My never-ending obsession with logistics ships led me to fall in love with the Sprinter. Here's a drawing of how I envision an underway replenishment might look, in this case with an Archangel-class. It's ironic they're doing an UNREP in Earth orbit, but it could be special conditions.

To finish the spaceships section, have a later-generation FTL cargo ship run by American Presidential Lines. I envision several of the large shipping companies in space running vessels like this on interstellar trade routes.

Waterborne Ships
Not as many of these, but still a few. Drawing floating ships has been a recent past-time for me, especially pre-dreadnought battleships because they look noice. Anyway, mostly just a couple concepts here.
Not very many so let's get started. First up is the fast combat support ship I'm presently building. The exterior is nearly done and I'm just working on some interior bits. This is the Weathershield-class ship SNS Obsidian Peaks, AOE-18. Meant as sort of a modernized Supply-class.

Front view including some other ships. From Left to Right, the USS Zumwalt, railgun-boat (this'll appear again) USS Foxhound, and Flight IV (Railgun armed and heavily armored) Arleigh Burke USS Kyle. Next is the SNS Obsidian Peaks doing an UNREP with the Kyle and the Greyhill-class cruiser SNS Actium, which you may recognize as the Zama-class vessel I recently uploaded, because it is. I eventually did eenie meenie meinie mo to decide whether or not to make that ship Skylord or Roman, and regardless it's both, since they're technically from different universes, so I can do that. Next is the next-gen battleship SNS Titan getting a VERTREP from a V-35, and finally the ballistic missile sub SNS Triton hanging around. Also lots of Calculus notes.

I mentioned both of them so they'll show up again. Have the concept designs for the Swift-class Railgun boat (of which the Foxhound is a member) and the Titan/Arizona/Augustus-class battleship, which when built will be uploaded as the IRS Augustus as was mentioned in the Zama's description. It's my pet project to bring back the battleship, and this massive vessel relies both on its railguns and missile armament to do the trick. Don't expect it for a while though, since it's huge. Oh yeah, and the arrows pointing to the gun turrets that say "Peripheral VLS" are actually pointing to the sides of the hull next to the turrets, where lines of VLS missile cells lie a la Zumwalt and Zama. I don't actually think a gun turret is a VLS of any kind at all.

Winding things down on the ocean we have an older design for a fast combat support ship, more of a direct analog to the Supply-class. This one is UNREP-ping a Zama. Since it is a commissioned ship, it is well armed and even features missiles, as does the Weathershield class under construction.

Behold the doodle that started the Zama and so much more. (Keep an eye out on several members of CC for new developments)

Finishing things up are some nice Shaders screenies I took of the Libra-class frigate I built and uploaded back when I was trying to get a good cover picture. It was the first time I'd used Shaders in a storm and/or at night so it was quite a pleasant surprise.

CC Ball
It's like Polandball but for Celestial Chaos! Probably a lot of in-jokes here, but feel free to take a look. You might want to open the images in a new tab. I'll be periodically adding to this one especially.
Spoiler - click to reveal
Overt Aggression, featuring the Dead World Company, UTS, Miraculum, Kyremia, the Kernal Empire, the Nomocratic Iocastan Federation, the Dragonic Empire, the Alessian Commonality, the Haven Empire, the Zegnophian Empire, and the League.

In case you didn't know, Skallord makes BIG SHIPS, and some people still think they can take him alone.

Stuff that doesn't fit into anywhere else, including a few drawings of females with firearms (a rather unconsciously common theme of mine), humanized airships and some ground vehicles.
Miscellaneous Fun Stuff (AKA: Airships Can't Draw Hands to Save His Life But By Golly Will He Remember Trigger Discipline)
This is the most adventurous section, since it covers from when I really started drawing to now. I'll start with CCantai Collection, since I can't think of a better name. If you hadn't guessed from all the previous pictures, I like naval stuff, so when an anime about humanized ships came out based on a game, I jumped on both. This then inspired me to try my own hand at humanizing my ships, although I tried to be individual with it. Starting are the first ones I ever made, featuring the rogue Iyectan battleship Bismarck and rogue Skyship Thunderchild, who as ships feature together in a script I wrote for screenwriting class, and some ordinary Akira classes.

Soon following was my humanization of my Rapier-class guided missile destroyer, this one individually being the Skyship Rapier herself. Definitely more inspired by Kantai, specifically Shimakaze.

What started as a composite of a bunch of human ships turned into a feature of just two, the Akira class Skyship Strike Witch, who appears in the first picture, and Rapier. Before I knew it I'd made them best of friends and established an element of Skylord strategy, the Hunter Killer group combining the Rapier's advanced sensors, guns, and fleet ballistic missiles with the Akira's heavy anti-ship missiles, to explain it.

After a cringeworthy first attempt I will not scar your eyes with, I finally satisfactorily made a humanization of the Skyship Dauntless, featuring her many auxiliary craft. One difference between my humanizations and Kantai is that the aircraft are anthro'd here too, albeit in "chibi" form.

A composite of several things including the under-construction Ariadne-class airship AOE, I put this picture here because it also shows Strike Witch and Rapier after they use their speed advantage in a race against some other ships. (As real ships they both go Mach 4, much faster than any other Air Navy vessels.)

Rapier knows how to strategically employ her resources. The other major difference with Kantai is ships can be guys here too, this gentleman being the Skyship Indomitable.

UTS Space Fleet Uniforms

A few weeks ago, I celebrated alone the anniversary of my transition into manga style. Here's my first real attempt, no drawing books or guides used, with the only references being for gear. Of course my first try was a girl with a gun.

As I celebrated, I decided to use what I learned in the year since, filled with somewhat often practice, references, and guidebooks, and made some simple changes that surprisingly helped a lot.

At least to me she looks much better.

Being a combat ship means you have to take damage sometimes, and it probably hurts.

To finish the people drawings, I decided to redraw Strike Witch and Rapier after a very long gap between them, as I primarily drew (and draw) original characters from another series. (I guess that's the best way to put it. "Franchise" isn't right.) It's definitely not perfect but practice has sure helped, especially when I compare my current drawings to ones I made about two years ago when I started trying to draw seriously.

Kind of random, a size comparison of all of the ships I had built at the time I made it. Made with Blender.

Thanks for looking!

Obligatory Paint (or the Mac equivalent for me) account drawing featuring my skin. (Miku in a UTSSF uniform)

Well, there you have it. My Concept Art blog has finally been updated with content! Now hopefully I won't feel too guilty about people stumbling on it and finding nothing but some words.

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04/17/2016 8:58 pm
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Very cool. I got a few ideas from this. You think I could do something similar? You know I have a lot of blueprints.
04/18/2016 12:44 am
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I'd love to see a blog for your designs. Definitely go for it.
03/24/2013 6:15 am
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the carrier will probably take a bit longer than i wanted it to, i got fed up and blew half of it up
03/26/2013 3:22 pm
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That would set you back...
03/27/2013 12:44 am
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uhhh yeah
it did
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