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    Also known as Dinkleberg. (If you still remember this you deserve internets)
    I like building airships...hence the name AirshipsEverywhere. I got addicted to them after seeing the SHIELD Helicarrier in the first Avengers movie, and haven't stopped since. I also (still sorta) like ponies.

    I normally avoid PvP because I don't think Minecraft was originally made for that. If I wanted to, I'd play a game designed for fighting.

    Currently at war with no one and chilling in alliance-land with no one specific. Celestial Chaos has wrought havoc on the normal group alliances and wars. HOWEVER, I'm part of a group of builders consisting of Foxy, iyecte, allen_avadonia, legomax101, Daxter, EAB, Skallord, and Callsign-YukiMizuki, with a few other minor people you can find in Foxy's profile. (Thanks for doing that Fox, it saves the rest of us room on our profiles.) Together, we are the team behind Celestial Chaos, although it all started as a simple Minecraft battle group.

    As one of the founding members of this whole thing (Iyecte's challenge to battle my Skyship Indomitable began it), I'm not one of the leaders of the build group, but I'm one of the major players. Currently I am taking volunteers for the United Territories of the Skylords, the nation that represents Earth in the game. Be prepared for a naval environment (concrete chain of command, communications protocols, rank system, etc.) if you would like to join. Just contact me and I'll look over your stuff and work, and will hopefully get back to you soon. (Sorry YukiMizuki.) My fleet is tiny at the moment and lightly armed, so anyone who is skilled with command block systems and/or weaponry is more than welcome. I'll post a formal advertisement eventually, once a few ships are mostly built. Anyway, if you want to create your own faction, this will sound harsh, but please don't. We have way too many and there have been too many instances of people not reading requirements to join, resulting in incidents. I won't stop you from applying, but be prepared to get "no" as an answer. Just make sure you've got stuff to show us. You can ask on any of the above members' submissions or through a PM. We have a Skype group where we will discuss your application. All right, enough of that.

    Some Things About Me:
    Home Country: USA
    State: Democratic People's Republik of Kalifornistan
    Age: 18
    Interests: Spaceships, Normal Ships, Airships, Basically every kind of ship that doesn't start with "relation-," Firearms (favorite ones to shoot being the G36C and AR-15, with the Beretta 92 close behind but I jammed the flap of skin between my index finger and thumb between the ejection port and the slide and it hurt. The HK P30 is fun too, and you can't go wrong with the Ruger 10/22.) Sailing, Airsoft, Cars, POLANDBALL (reichtangle über alles), and Minecraft.
    Computer: Early 2011 15" MacBook Pro (Shut up it works fine.) Am in the process of building a custom PC I do not plan to make a Hackintosh.
    Favorite Car: 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 or 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback.
    Favorite Car I Can Afford: This is pushing my price limit
    Favorite TV Shows: Kantai Collection, Star Trek (Any Series), Top Gear, (The UK Version come on what other ones are there?) Doctor Who
    Favorite Movie: American Sniper (How did you guess?)

    Muh CC Fleet
    Light Fighter: SF-18 Harpy [BUILT]
    Heavy FIghter: SF-8 Daemon [BUILT]
    Boarding Craft and Dropship: SV-35 Starhound [BUILT]
    Bomber: SB-12 Condor [DESIGNED]
    Corvette: Liberty-class [BUILT]
    Frigate: Altair-class [DESIGNED]
    Destroyer: Archangel-class [BUILT]
    Cruiser: Aurora-class [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
    Escort Carrier: Delta Volanis-class [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
    Freighter: Hermes-class [DESIGNED]
    Fast Combat Support Ship: Sprinter-class [BUILT]
    Fleet Carrier: Andromeda-class [DESIGNED]
    Battleship: Armadyl-class [DESIGNED]
    Flagship: Pulsar-class [DESIGNED]
    Generation Ship: Dyson-class [NAMED]
    Devastator: Vengeance-class [DESIGNED]

    I run the United Territories of the Skylords, a representative elected oligarchy on a new continent in the South Pacific. While I represent Earth, there is no "one world government" due to the utter stupidity of the idea, although other nations will be represented in a limited-technology orbital fleet that handles Sol System defense. It is a primarily hardish sci-fi oriented civilization, and I hope to have a supply infrastructure built in, hence the fast combat support ship in the tab above. Due to limited weapons technology (I hope to improve that by the end of the summer), I will primarily fight a defensive war if necessary and stay out of conflicts when I can. Some of the game-provided buffs for the Skylords include high population and initial resources for quick shipbuilding (since the only way I could possibly win right now is strength in numbers), although this is all subject to change at any moment. The Skylord Military is divided into the Army, Air Force, and Navy, which oversees the Air Navy and Space Fleet in addition to the Coast Guard and Navy. All applicants for the faction will be placed into the Space Fleet, and can apply for either enlisted or the officer corps, depending on what your interest is. Again, more detail in an advertisement/recruitment blog.

    Some Fluff About My Nation
    Name: United Territories of the Skylords
    Type: Nation
    Classification: Developed (First World)
    Nuclear State: Yes. Also pioneered the term "Antimatter State" with antimatter warheads and powerplant systems.
    Continent: Minecraftia
    Government type: Constitutional elected oligarchy with regionally elected representatives acting as advisors.
    Population: 135 million
    Official Language: English
    Primary Religion: Christianity (80% of population, 75% total Christian population are Roman Catholic.)
    Primary Ethnic Groups: White (78%), Asian (15%), African (5%), Mixed and Other (2%).
    Currency: Skylord Dollar (Exchange rate is 2 USD for every SD)
    GDP: $20.5 trillion USD (Trade with extraterrestrial civilizations has provided a gigantic boost to GDP)
    GDP Per Capita: $151,851.85 USD (Highest in the world by $10,000. In addition, this is about the average household income.)
    Current Debt: $2 billion (Will be $1 billion by next fiscal year)
    Unemployment Percentage: 2.4%
    Economic System: Modern Laissez-faire (There's a welfare safety net, administered provided the applicant is actively searching for a job and/or performs volunteer community service, as well as some business regulations, but not too intensive)
    Income Tax: Flat 10% rate. (11% for corporations worth over $80 billion)
    Average Household Income: $64,250 per year (Skylord Dollars)
    Inflation Rate: 2.5%
    Primary Industries: Shipbuilding, Aerospace, Small Arms, Information Technology, Computing, Mining, Manufacturing, Automobiles.
    Primary Exports: Air and Sea Ships, Spacecraft Components, Weapons, Computers, Automobiles, Natural Gas.
    Natural Resources: Oil, Uranium, Iron, Aluminum, Silicon, Several Major Forests, Natural Gas, Electrium
    Primary Power Sources: Limited Antimatter, Nuclear fission, Fusion, Oil, Natural Gas (Recent discoveries of new shale fields and local-promoted fracking operations have tripled output.), Solar (From both orbital arrays and ground). Coal is almost obsolete as a power source and is primarily a minor export.
    Military Spending: 30% Federal Expenses ($7.5 trillion)
    Military Size: 4 million personnel (including reserve and National Guard)
    Ruling Class: Political Skylords (Separate from Military and Science Skylords)
    Terrestrial Allies Outside of Minecraftia:
    -United States of America
    -United Kingdom
    -New Zealand
    -South Korea
    UN Member Nation: Yes from 1946-2003. Left after engaging in Iraqi Freedom.
    Outer Space Operations: From Skylord Space Fleet, 1962 to present. As they never signed the Outer Space Treaty, they have an extensive military presence both in orbit and extrasolar.

    I am a proud member of the Military Builders dedicated to making the Minecraft community a better place.

    Rank: Lieutenant Commander Major

    Soo, please stop by my posts so you can get an idea of the style of ship I build, check out Iyecte's ships also, and please leave constructive criticism to help me improve my ships! I'll also start posting more concept art, 3D models, battle worlds for my war, Skylord military skins, and blogs!

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