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Corruption in Minecraft - Trying To Make a Difference

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Greytopher's Avatar Greytopher
Retired Moderator
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Hello all, Greytopher here with another blog. This is me venting at the fact of some minecraft servers face corruption in their staff/admin bodies, and I will attempt to show you different ways of how to stop it. I hope you enjoy.

Trying To Make A Difference, But Can't?

As being staff/admin on multiple servers, you get to know the players and community around you. You want to make a difference in the server, trying to make it better than the day before. You're at that position where you want to make a difference, but don't have enough power to do so. What do you do? Suck up to the other admins, and hope for a promotion? Try to make a difference as much as you can? You try all these things, but one thing lays ahead of you. It's that one admin, that won't let you by. He/she hates you for some reason, but you can't do anything to get around them.

I've been having this problem for a while now. On a server I've been playing on for 2 years, and it took me 1 year to get the moderator status on there. Since then, I've been trying to get Admin, just so I can make a change in the server and how it acts to other rival servers, and to themselves. But, I can't make these changes. Why? Because an Admin and I are always butting heads with each other, and we usually can't solve our differences without a huge fight rising in the Skype chat. We each try to get what we want, only trying to solve our own problems, and rarely trying to make it work between us.

For me, I can only find a couple of solutions. I try my best to keep it as civil as possible but when it comes to that time, you know you've got to act.

Solutions to Solve Corruption...

  1. Tell the owner of what's going on. If there's something going on between you and another admin, be sure to tell the owner. He's the basic 'god' of the server, and depending on your server, usually has the last say in any debate. Now, if the corruption lies in the owner, you've got a problem. If you can't fix it, sadly, you'll have to deal with it or quit.
  2. Try to achieve a higher rank then your corrupted admin(s). If you can't beat 'em, try to be better then them. Another way of stopping them is from having enough power to. If you're too low of a rank, be patient, and your time will come when facing this issue.
  3. If you can't beat them, join them! It's a clever way, but if you have enough time to do so, sneak into enemy lines. Try to become one of them, and be sure to take screenshots, save information, and be sure to have dirt on them to take them down.
  4. Take screenshots, always have evidence. I always have screenshots of people saying or doing things that shouldn't be mentioned. It's a very good way to prove something, as evidence is a key thing when trying to get someone punished for something they did.

Be sure to add your own solution in the comments down below, I may add some depending on what you say!

How NOT To Solve Corruption...

  1. Don't solve it yourself. The worst thing you can do is go against an army of corrupted people by yourself. You won't have the chance to stand up for yourself. Be sure you have trust worthy friends by your side along the way; they're the key to help you stop it.
  2. Violence doesn't solve anything. Attacking, physically or verbally is like digging your own grave. Be patient with them, and solve it being civil, not attacking them with everything you've got.
  3. Never make false accusations. If you are trying to put some dirt on your opponents face, be sure it's true. Don't go around making lies about this person, or you'll just look crazy.
  4. Don't argue without evidence. If you THINK something happened, it's a lot different from KNOWING something happened.

If you have any ideas on what NOT to do, leave one in the comments down below, and I might add it!

Corruption Can Happen Anywhere...

When I say anywhere, I do mean it. It can happen at your office, your school, even in your family. I know I have corruption in my family, and believe me, it's not pretty. When you see corruption, it's usually hard to fix. Corruption anywhere can take months, even years to fix. It's not easy trying to find the correct evidence to prove your statement, and these people can be tricky of what they hide.

Although I have my problems with corruption, that doesn't stop me from trying to fix it. I have admin connections who are trying to help me fix it, but we're seprated into two different groups. We're two teams, battling over power, and noones really winning. People threat to quit if someone gets admin, and cry if they don't get what they want. Don't be that guy, that's just wrong.

This Person(s) Can Even Be Your Closest Friend...

Over the dramatic time of my stay on that server, I've made and lost many new friends. Others got corrupted because they got addicted to fame, power, or other various things that made them forget who they really are. They hurt their friends because of their own greed consuming them.

I've lost multiple friends due to this unfairness in the world, and it's never a great feeling. The first time it happened to me, was that my friend Skyped a famous Youtuber. After that, he wouldn't talk to me because he thought he was above everyone else. Another time, my friend thought Minecraft was bad for him because his girlfriend convinced him that. He left me without saying goodbye, or even recognizing that I was still alive. The most recent has been my friend leaving me for another because he offered my friend power. Blinded by what is right, he went to him, and now forever hates me. He's the reason why I can't become an Admin on a server I've dedicated 2 years of my life to.

That won't stop me, though, from losing hope. I hope to atleast come on good terms with these corrupted people, and justify what we've been through. I hope you guys do the same, and have good friends by your side to help you along the way.

Sorry for the long one, guys, I needed to get this off of my chest, and now I feel tons better!

Well, that's it! I hope you like this, and I hope you guys can solve this issue.

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03/15/2015 2:11 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
LinkOfTheSouth's Avatar
this is the story of a kid named link.he went on a 1.8 snapshot server for a whole year.
he became friends with the server owner. and then the modreators became corrupted. and then they quickly banned him. to this day he is wondering where it all went wrong. the server owner stil talks to him on steam. but the server was recently shut down because MC 1.8 is out.
12/07/2012 4:01 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Skinner
Kaduu's Avatar
,,People come and go,but I continue my way'' said Kaduu once
10/30/2012 12:47 pm
Level 71 : Legendary Lad
KnobleKnives's Avatar
In some way, the "how to stop corruption" part reminds me of emperor Palpetine (darth Sidious) plotting to take over the galaxy. Lol
10/22/2012 10:16 pm
Level 27 : Expert Pokemon
MrPriggles's Avatar
Thanks for putting this up. I wanted to share my story too.

A while ago, I went on this server for the first time because their ad looked cool. I went on, not too much people, the average per day was 5. Anyways, I got familiar with these people and soon we all became like family. One day, the server was halted for two minutes like usual for updates, but this time, I was happy to be made a mod. It was all perfect until one day when a usual girl on the server that was Elite rank (Order is Person, A-Builder, Elite, Mod, Admin, Co-Owner, Owner) was building with another user who lives near me when we had a disagreement over such little thing, the window placement on the hotel I was building. She got mad because they were "uneven" but they complemented the hotel. Anyways, she would then call me names everyday she logged on. Eventually, I used my powers as a mod to kick her for reason "Rule Something, do not disrespect persons of higher rank". the server owner got mad at me and I don't know why. A while later, we got into an argument. He temp banned me and didn't give a reason. 30 minutes later I just went on to fix my building, when the same girl just 'sparked the flame next to the gas tank', in other words, I absolutely RAGED. I was having the worst day ever, and I made a mistake and started to grief, but I don't see the problem in griefing the things that I built alone. Anyways, the owner got pissed (I humorously took it as a complement that he didn't want my awesome builds gone :P) and he global banned me. And I got even madder and threatened to get people to troll it, bad idea. But pretty soon, I got over it, hey, don't we all, and I found another server where a similar thing happened and then I realized that I just wasn't a server/social person. The end. I bet that you didn't expect that ending xD!!!
10/17/2012 11:59 am
Level 1 : New Miner
proinprogress's Avatar
Nice blog Grey
10/10/2012 6:56 am
Level 36 : Artisan Ranger
madmax3004's Avatar
this happened to me also..
i played for over 6 months on a server..
and i became co-owner, the owner became a very good friend of me.
and i made many good friends there..
but then randomly a guy joined and became trial-admin.
he hated me because i had co-owner power.
and he wanted it, so he accused me for all kinds of things.
he even banned me.
after that, i got unbanned.
but i got demoted because of what he said about me.
i became a player.
he kept on bullying me.
and killed me for no reason.
he stole my stuff, destroyed my world ( i had a world for me and my friends to Rp on, it was a skyland world and we made a lot, but he World edit griefed everything...)
after this i was really sad about it all..
some of my most valuable friends left because i had been demoted..
and i have never seen them back...
then i said: "i leave forever" "bye guys i'll miss you.."
i left in anger and sadness...
after this they banned me for saying that...
and i regret for what i had said..
i never wanted to leave..
i'm still very sad about it...

maybe some1 knows the server: SurvivalXT owner was: Bloodyrobot1
if any1 could help me making contact with him, so i could be unbanned and see them again..
please help..
i still have the server ip, even while im banned for over half a year..
10/22/2012 11:44 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Mountaineer
Ferfature's Avatar
If I could get the IP that'd help...can't find it.
10/22/2012 11:43 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Mountaineer
Ferfature's Avatar
I'll see if I can help you out.
10/10/2012 6:43 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Engineer
icyzesk's Avatar
Muhahahahaha......Buahhahahaha..... BUAHMAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. =P

Nice blog
10/09/2012 11:02 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Narwhal
FlabbyDaddy's Avatar
good job man...i appreciate someone trying to make a message here in minecraft. I am infact a co owner on a server. I earned that rank and it took a entire year of dedication to the development and growth of the server. I always thought the best staff on servers actually those who cared about the poor players that could use a hand...not those who abused their powers... Good job man...tis all i can say.
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