Diamonds help you know!

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Diamonds help you know!

ATTENTION: No diamonds were harmed in the making of this blog!

I've made some real good projects in the past. Sure I got lots of views, favourites, comments, votes and downloads but not a single person diamond my submission. It seems diamonds are there forever while voting like for servers is gone after a month.

I diamond has much posts has possible. I don't care if I don't like as long as I know in my head that I'm helping someone. You need to realize I have diamond fever right now and practically my whole account is barren with cobwebs. (No diamonds).

I will do as much as possible for your posts. All I ask in return is for diamonds too! Diamonds is like the best thing ever! It levels you up and you get cool mew features. I hope you understand how people feel when all they see is 1 person has diamond this post (you).

Then the person un-diamonds it and it says 0. Then the owner of the post cry's like a bright shiny crystal. XD. (In reference to a Diamond).

Submission owners love to say don't forget to diamond, subscribe like and post this mod/server/project/etc. because they are sick and tired of people going cool and just download it and leave the post with no diamonds!

ATTENTION: No diamonds were harmed in the making of this blog!
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