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DO and DONT of running a faction!

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ThatOneOtter's Avatar ThatOneOtter
Level 31 : Artisan Scribe
Hey guys, ThatOneOtter here with another blog. This time ito s on the dos and dono ts of running a faction. Hope you enjoy!


1. DO make sure you can defend your land before claiming it

2. DO make sure that you have powerful allies

3. DO make sure that faction recruits are trustworthy

4. DO use plots and make sure the new player cano t just steal everything

5. DO add traps to your base

6. DO make ranks to keep your faction in order

7. DO have rules. Nothing crazy though

8. DO make some enemies. It gives your faction members and incentive to raid

9. DO place bounties and give rewards for raiding.

10. DO have a faction mod only place that is hidden to all but o f modso .

11. DO have farms and water systems.

12. DO have trees claimed around your base

13. DO attack nooby factions and wipe them of the land

14. DO leave signs near obliterated base with you or your factions name on it.

15. DO troll other factions and drive them insane.

16. DO launch random attacks on neutral faction

17. DO flood bases with lava or water if you dono t have enough TNT

18. DO lead hoards of mobs into your enemies base

19. DO deny nooby factions alliances and make them enemies. (Unless they have potential)


1. DONo T make random members faction mods

2. DONo T announce raids to the world

3. DONo T make bases close to spawn

4. DONo T make powerful people hate your faction

5. DONo T spam alliance messages

6. DONo T try to make factions like o PEACE! We are allies with everyone.o You will end up getting raided along with being hated.

7. DONo T try to make factions like o ENEMIES!o We are enemies with everyone.o You will end up getting raided along with being hated.

8. DONo T give out coords for free. It makes you look like a suck-up.

9. DONo T charge ridiculously high prices for coords. It makes you look like a jerk.

10. DONo T have a no rule faction

11. DONo T keep your faction without a base for long. People will leave

12. DONo T brag about raids. You will get raided yourself. If you have to brag to the sign thing I mentioned earlier.

13. DONo T make faction bases out of wood.

14. DONo T leave doors that lead to faction bases open

15. DONo T make stupid rules like: o No, talking to enemies.o Or o No leaving the base without permission from me, the owner.o

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. One more DONo T. DONo T ignore this and continue wreaking havoc for your own faction. Diamond and subscribe for more!

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07/14/2013 12:46 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
FritzJR's Avatar
What else do u have to help because my allys are know my enemys and know my ally/enemy are trying to kill me and my team plus they know where I live in the game and I know where they live Its my only home left I took over my enemys old base so what do I need to do?
07/13/2013 5:43 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
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