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Do's and don'ts for subscribing

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avatar Warfare_Master
Level 35 : Artisan Engineer
Hello this is a blog to tell what the subscribe button is all about!

I see that my subscribers really don't look at the new things I have post and I would like to explain to you what you should and should not do and when to use the subscription button

DO's :If you like most of that players work you should subscribe to them and if you only like one of there posts diamond don't subscribe if you like only that post if you really like there post favorite it!

If you are subscribed to some one make sure you keep up with his/her posts and make sure to keep track of what they post.


I see that some times that a player is subscribed to many people and that's not good because your not using the subscription button the way it should be used.Pick out the best and diamond the rest!

When you just see a post you like don't just subscribe because of that one post because that's why you can diamond.If you like most or all of there work subscribe!

I know this is sort and I forgot the Don'ts but come on you smart enough to put two and two together and you know what Im trying to say so come on use the subscription button wisely

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Dear Warfare_Master,
I like this and it reflects on my thoughts on this. Would you mind letting me helping you expand on this idea and giving you 100% of the credit. I will only post with your consent. Keep up the good work.
Thank you for the feed back and yes yoou can expand on this. Just include a link to this page and menttion my name in the blog. Next time you want to talke to me like this just pm me next time you want something liike this and post it I will delete you post.

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