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avatar Wolf_with_Scarf
Level 25 : Expert Toast
-=Experiment log #1=-
Hello! I am Dr.[▮▮▮▮]. My self and our team are at [▮▮▮▮]. It's an ancient village, judging by its look. We're here because, our team have receive a strange signal. It's seem that the signal are coming from the fountain in the middle of the village. We also discover that water that come out of the fountain have "Maroon" colour. We're not sure what cause the water to have this colour. So I collected some water sample, so I can identify what is the cause of "Maroon" water. Another property of this water is it's always have an average temperature of 35-40 degrees celsius. No matter how we try to cold it down. It's seem that the coldest temperature that it's able to get is 32 degrees celsius. In a nutshell this water always have the temperature of an average human.

-=End log=-

-=Experiment log#2=-
Hello again! I am Dr.[▮▮▮▮]. We are still at the [▮▮▮▮] village but, not so long. After we have a lunch we'll go back to our lab. Our excavation team have found something under the fountain. Its look like a stone structure but, I can't really call it stone... It's kind of a squishy rock that coated with liquid that we have found earlier. Inside of the structure have a smell of rotten flesh. Its temperature is 37 degrees celsius or the same as average human body temperature. In the center of this structure there is a box of obsidian coated with the same liquid we found in the fountain. We try mining the obsidian box and we have discover something inside. It's a block of diamond coated with iron on the out side and have a gold on every corner. It's also highly radioactive. I am not expected that the ancient villager know to make nuclear reactor before us. Another thing that we found inside the structure is a mixture of human and pig bone, cactus, plant seeds, reeds, glowing dust, a lots of paper that written in the ancient language and unknown species of fungi.

-=End log=-

-=Experiment log#3=-
Hello again! I am Dr.[▮▮▮▮]. I am at the lab [▮▮▮▮]. Oh! team tundra research also here? I thought that they will not come back for another day. They also found something? It's not importance anyways. Our team have begin the research of strange "Maroon" liquid, so far we have discover that this liquid contain a living organism that have a shape that resemble a human blood cell. The organism also contain hemoglobin and an iron-containing protein that is the same as the human blood cell. We still don't know much about this organism.

-=End log=-

-=Experiment log#4=-
Hello again! I am Dr.[▮▮▮▮]. Our team also work on the research of the "Ancient reactor". Our team cut the block in half but, we don't find any radioactive substance. Instead we find a white stone that have a shape resemble a star. We assume that this is the source of radiation. We also conducted other research on other sample that we collected from an ancient village. The glowing dust seem unable to extinguish, have the temperature of 37 degrees celsius, can't be lowered more than 32 degrees celsius. We still can't identify the fungi that we found. And other object seem to have the same property as every day object.

-=End log=-

-=Experiment log#5=-
Hello again! I am Dr.[▮▮▮▮]. Our team have started the research of "Ancient notes" . We have to call in the ancient language expert. He said that the language that is written on the paper is a kind of spell that ancient villager believed to made their tools stronger but, it's also play a role in communication too. He gave a translated copy of the ancient notes to me. Its read as the following "There are two ways to access the world which lies beyond bedrock the one is the coward ways, construct the block made out of "earth's blue heart", "gray steel", "yellow bar" and "The star of the undead". Then activate it, the device will bring the part of the world beyond to you... But if the one brave enough construct a door. 2 and a half humans tall, 4 humans wide of "Lava stone". Then made it flame. After a blink of an eyes the door to the below bedrock will open up..." We still don't know what is the meaning of this note but, some word seem reasonable.

-=End log=-

-=Experiment log#6=-
Hello again! I am Dr.[▮▮▮▮]. Our research team have finally able to solve the meaning of "Ancient notes". The first way to access the world beyond is to create a reactor block that resemble the one that we found inside the structure under the fountain. "earth's blue heart" means diamond, "gray steel" means iron sheets,"yellow bar" means gold bar and "The star of the undead" means the radioactive stone that we found in the block earlier... Unfortunately the reactor don't turn on. We think it's because the radioactive stone is out of power. The stone no longer have a yellow strip that resemble the drawing in the "Ancient notes". Fortunately the second way work! The meaning of the "Lava stone" is obsidian. We also able to solve the measurement, human is approximately 2 block tall and 1 block wide. That mean the door need to be 5 block tall and 4 block wide. Then light the door on fire. The door's inside turn into a wall of energy field. After inspection. Our research team able to collect some information as following. Temperature around the door is 37 degrees celsius, the energy field is a liquid like substance but, it can't be contain in any container and can't be separated form the wall of energy field, everything that touch the energy field will disappear. In the same time we able to collect some sample of the thing that appear from the energy field, mostly a spore of fungi that resemble the fungi that we found under the fountain.

-=End log=-

-=Experiment log#7=-
Hello again! I am Dr.[▮▮▮▮]. This is probably my last experiment log because, After I recorded this log I need to get my self prepare. I volunteer my self to test the door, actually my lab director have prepared a team of people for this experiment but, for me I can't miss the opportunity to go on a real adventure. I will be like that person in the urban legend "
Neil Armstrong" who is the first person to ever touch the surface of the moon. I will be the first person to ever touch the surface of the world beyond bedrock! Wait... why I keep call it the "World beyond bedrock"? My lab director actually give it a name. "The Experiment Nether" The name "Nether" come from the "Ancient notes"... Oh! They call me. I need to go now. If you still listen to my experiment log, please tell Dr.[▮▮▮▮] that her tundra research project is really great! Thank you for listening to my experiment log. See you again after I come back from the "Nether".

-=End log=-
CreditMade by Wolf_with_Scarf

1 Update Logs

-=Update #1=- : 03/11/2020 12:22:54 pmMar 11th

I ask Wolf_with_Scarf as a mission crew to draw a blue print for both the door and the reactor thing. I have learned that I should not let Wolf_with_Scarf draw blue print again....

03/11/2020 12:25 pm
Level 25 : Expert Toast
03/11/2020 11:51 am
Level 25 : Expert Toast
Hope you like the story. Diamond and Heart is always and forever appreciated <3

~ Wolf_with_Scarf
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