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Faction Server Tactics

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Hey everyone! So recently I started getting back into competitive faction servers. You know, the ones with all the noobs and rage in chat about how there factions "indestructible mansion" that's 20 blocks away from spawn got raided. Or how someone's base that's all the way down to bedrock level underneath a mountain at the border of the world got griefed. Well believe it or not this is how people hide their bases. Shocking right! You would think someone who makes a giant wooden house wouldn't get raided. I mean, it's impossible right?!

Well no. Now the reason I'm writing this blog is to show you how hide your bases or just survive on a faction server while being the strongest and richest person on the server without anyone ever knowing.

First you need to not suck at factions. I suggest you read HariusAwesome44's blog about how not to lose at factions.

I'm going to give you guys some quick tips on how to survive and different tactics/strategies to get you to the top of the food chain ASAP.

  1. The Nomadic strategie:

If your really good at pvp and can hold your own or have a group of friends who have each others backs then this is a really good way to survive on a pvp faction server. I have done this tactic on servers where there is that one faction that dominates everything and is always looking for a base to raid. Usually the server you're playing on has a ender chest at spawn. If not then this won't really work. Keep all VALUABLES in your ender chest. Such as diamonds, iron, gold, etc. Split the spoils of war with your friends if you don't have enough room. Your enderchest is your best friend. It is also your survival kit. So put food, wood, emergence items like obsidian and water. Once you have stored your valuables in your enderchest make sure you have tools, food, torches, extra blocks to help you get around and a weapon with armor. Go around gathering resources. DON'T RAID! Unless you know the faction has something you need. Go around gathering things to make your ultimate base like obsidian and lava/water. If you want to smelt things or repair stuff keep furnaces and crafting tables in your inventory and go someplace in the wild to smelt/make. Once you have your base constructed go ahead and claim it and move your stuff in it. Now you're the strongest faction and have a ultimate base.

The problem with most people is they make a base and don't completely finish it or make it indestructible because usually you get raided by the time you have all your stuff. Have a game plan before you build a base. Also another thing I forgot. Don't claim any land until your base is set up. This might take a while but if you know what you're doing it's a god strategies.

  1. Peace to the world:

The whole point about a faction server is to be at the top, taking advantage of others, and destroying things. Most people like to make enemies. I say stay neutral. Don't get involved in faction dramas especially with the big shots. Make peace with every faction ESPECIALLY THE BIG FACTIONS. Usually everyone wants to be allies with them and usually they ignore allie requests. So if they don't have a lot of allies already, don't even try.

Now don't talk to other people. Make yourself invisible. No one knows who you are and what you are. To them you're nobody but your really loaded. Yes you can raid. Yes you can pvp. This might give you some enemies but I'm sure it's nothing you can't handle ;)

If someone asks for your help, help them. It gives you a good record on the server to know your a kind guy when really your a evil bastard who is just power hungry and looking to make some friends to hide behind.

  1. Ambush Predator:

This is probably my favorite way to get rich just because it's funny to see the kiddies get mad at you. Stay hidden in the wild or pvp arena. Don't wear op stuff but have a good weapon on you. Watch for people fighting. Then when they're both really low or one of them has killed the other, swoop in for the kill. BOOM two sets of armor and weapons and maybe some supplies. Another way this could work is by following someone around in the wild. Wait for them to be punching a tree or something and sneak up from behind and kill them. They won't know how to react. One of the best ways if your stealthy.

This might seem really cheesy and cowardly but isn't that what factions is? If you're not good at pvp then this is the strat for you.

  1. PSYCH!:

This is also a funny way to make your enemy waist there resources if you're trying to take down a large faction. Make random bases underground with a bunch of chests around. Make it readable but challenging to get into so that they would be intrigued. Put nothing in the chests. Wait a couple of days and see if they raided it. If they did then you succeeded because they just blew up a whole base for nothing. Keep making these bases around the map near their base or around where people walk by. They will keep attacking the bases and getting nothing out of it. The more blowholes you got in the area the more they tried to break in and steal air.

Well those are some ways to get rich quick or survive. But what if your making a base and you keep getting found? Well here are ways to hide your base.

  1. Don't build anywhere near spawn/warp wild

  1. Don't build near the border of the world if there is one. You want to build far from spawn or warp wild but not near the border. There will definitely be people scouting the border for peoples bases.

  1. Don't build structures above ground. Obviously people know where you are so they're going to try everything to get in.

  1. Don't bring people to your base to kill them. Totally bad idea. Whenever someone wants to tp to you go to the pvp arena and accept there tp or just go to spawn and be like "what up bro"

  1. Obsidian and water is key. Don't just make your base in a cave or you're going to be blown to smithereens. Put obsidian around your base and then water around that.

  1. Don't build your base on a significant landmark. If there's a lonely mountain in a plains biome it might seem like someone might have made a base somewhere because "it's a unique" place. Or under a giant tree. Either way its bad.

  1. Don't leave nether portals active in your bases. This is a perfect way for a enemy to get in your base by accident and know where you are. You have no idea how many times I've stumbled into peoples places because they had a nether portal lit in there base.

  1. Don't fight in the nether. There are so many hazards that can contribute to your death.

  1. One of the most important rules of all. Don't let anyone in or give anyone the coordinate to your base/faction. No one can be trusted. Everyone on the server is a sneaky thieving little spider waiting to push you off a cliff and steal your stuff. Trust the ones you know like your friends. Because you can always beat the crap out of them later if they betray you ;)

Well there you go! Theres my MLG quickscoping guide on how to dominate in factions without anyone knowing. Tell me what you think and if these tips helped you as they helped me.
CreditHariusAwesome44 for inspiring me to make this and gunoz for my partner in crime on faction servers.

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Realized I didn't know how to spell anything 3 years or so back and thought it was embarrassing to keep this up if it wasn't grammatically correct. So all grammar and spelling is fixed.

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01/29/2017 9:39 pm
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Thanks for the tips ilt, you spelled some words wrong btw ;)
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