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Fun with superflat presets! (For Minecraft 1.12 and/or prior to 1.7)

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Cocololzzz's Avatar Cocololzzz
Level 33 : Artisan Cake
“I was kinda bored today >.> ... so I decided to mess up with some superflat presets.” -Coco 2014

It’s been around 4 years since I made this blog, so I decided to try these superflat presets again, with the most recent Minecraft version I have updated the list (and kept the old presets just in case), so I hope you enjoy them as I did!

WARNING: I'm not responsible of any broken clients or random crashes or strange stuff happening with some of your worlds. I recommend you to backup your .minecraft folder, or any world saves before trying any of the game breaking presets; you have been warned!

Known Issues:
These are the known Issues while playing around with some of the presets:

  • Overlapping in-game soundtrack
  • Overlapping superflat presets with newly generated worlds (usually happens more often in older versions of Minecraft)
  • Some superflat layers might be called “air”, or other names.

Presets by category:

Interesting/fun superflat presets:
Slow forever!
Description: You are trapped in a world of eternal slowness!
Preset: 3;1*minecraft:bedrock,1*minecraft:ice,1*minecraft:soul_sand,2*minecraft:web;1;
With Villages: 3;1*minecraft:bedrock,1*minecraft:ice,1*minecraft:soul_sand,2*minecraft:web;1; village(size=100 distance=10)

Old preset: 2;7,79,88,2x30;1;


Description: Colors everywhere! Pst. Use TNT
Preset: 3;1*minecraft:bedrock,1*minecraft:wool:10,1*minecraft:wool:6,1*minecraft:wool:11,1*minecraft:wool:5,1*minecraft:wool:4,1*minecraft:wool:1,1*minecraft:wool:14,1*minecraft:wool:6,1*minecraft:wool:10,1*minecraft:wool:11,1*minecraft:wool:5,1*minecraft:wool:4,1*minecraft:wool:1,1*minecraft:wool:14,1*minecraft:wool:6,1*minecraft:wool:10,1*minecraft:wool:11,1*minecraft:wool:5,1*minecraft:wool:4,1*minecraft:wool:1,1*minecraft:wool:14;1;
Old preset: 2;7,35:10,35:11,35:5,35:4,35:1,35:14,35:10,35:11,35:5,35:4,35:1,35:14,35:10,35:11,35:5,35:4,35:1,35:14,35:10,35:11,35:5,35:4,35:1,35:14,35:10,35:11,35:5,35:4,35:1,35:14,35:10,35:11,35:5,35:4,35:1,35:14,35:10,35:11,35:5,35:4,35:1,35:14,35:10,35:11,35:5,35:4,35:1,35:14,


Description: Miner's dream come true!
Just ores: 3;1*minecraft:bedrock,10*minecraft:stone,1*minecraft:coal_ore,1*minecraft:diamond_ore,1*minecraft:emerald_ore,1*minecraft:gold_ore,1*minecraft:iron_ore,1*minecraft:lapis_ore,1*minecraft:redstone_ore,1*minecraft:stone;1;
Just ore blocks: 3;1*minecraft:bedrock,3*minecraft:coal_block,3*minecraft:diamond_block,3*minecraft:emerald_block,3*minecraft:gold_block,3*minecraft:iron_block,3*minecraft:lapis_block,3*minecraft:redstone_block;1;

Old preset: 1;7,133,57,2x41,2x152,2x22,2x42,2x1,3x3,2;1

Tree world
Description: Infinite Trees everywhere!

With Oak:


With Dark Oak:

With Jungle:


With Spruce:


Old preset:1;7,2x3,2,6;1

*Note: I recommend to wait a little in spawn and wait for the trees to grow

Mushroom Island superflat

Description: Some mushrooms here and there
Preset: 3;1*minecraft:bedrock,50*minecraft:stone,1*minecraft:mycelium;14;decoration
Old preset: 2;7,59x1,3x3,110;14;

Infinite Sticky Trampoline

Description: BOING! BOING!
Preset: 3;1*minecraft:grass,1*minecraft:slime;1;
With villages: 3;1*minecraft:grass,1*minecraft:slime;1;village(size=100 distance=10)

Directly to the Nether/End

Description: You just get directly teleported to that specific dimension
End: 3;7,119;1;
Nether: 3;7,90;1;

Villages everywhere
Preset: 3;1*minecraft:bedrock,50*minecraft:stone,3*minecraft:dirt,1*minecraft:grass;1;village(size=100 distance=10)
Old preset: 2;7,2x3,2;1;village(distance=-10 size=100)

With Mine-shafts: 3;1*minecraft:bedrock,50*minecraft:stone,3*minecraft:dirt,1*minecraft:grass;1;village(size=100 distance=10),mineshaft(chance=80),stronghold(chance=1 count=50 spread=3),dungeon,decoration
Old preset: 2;7,59x1,3x3,2;1;stronghold,biome_1,village(distance=-10 size=100),decoration,dungeon,lake,mineshaft,lava_lake

Mine-shafts everywhere

Preset: 3;1*minecraft:bedrock,50*minecraft:stone,3*minecraft:dirt,1*minecraft:grass;1;mineshaft(chance=80),stronghold(chance=1 count=50 spread=3),dungeon,decoration

Few Mine-carts (and rails)
Preset: 3;1*minecraft:bedrock,3*minecraft:stone;1;mineshaft(chance=80),stronghold(chance=1 count=50 spread=3)

With Villages: 3;1*minecraft:bedrock,3*minecraft:stone
;1;village(size=100 distance=10),mineshaft(chance=80),stronghold(chance=1 count=50 spread=3)

*note: Villages will look messed up, since mine-shafts will overlap with the village houses

and the best of the best...
Cake superflat!

Description: My dream world :')
Preset: 3;1*minecraft:grass,1*minecraft:cake;1;
Old preset: 2;4x2,92;1;

Survival based superflats
The floor is falling!
With village: 3;1*minecraft:fire,3*minecraft:leaves:7,1*minecraft:gravel;1;village(size=100 distance=10)
With Village and TNT: 3;1*minecraft:tnt,1*minecraft:fire,3*minecraft:leaves:7,1*minecraft:gravel;1;village(size=100 distance=10)

Old preset: 2;0,51,18,13;1;

With villages: 2;0,51,18,13;1;village

Description: This world is perfect for a survival challenge. *Spoiler* If you dig down enough, you will see rows and rows of mineshafts!
Preset: 3;7,25*1,200*0,10*1,2*3,2;1;stronghold(distance=1 spread=1),village(size=100 distance=10),decoration,dungeon,lake,mineshaft(chance=0.9),lava_lake

*Note: This preset might take a while to load, and it can be a bit laggy. I recommend lowering your settings as much as possible

TNT Run, Forever!
With villages: 3;1*minecraft:tnt,1*minecraft:sand,1*minecraft:light_weighted_pressure_plate;1;village(size=100 distance=10)

Old preset: 1;46,12,72;1

With villages: 1;46,12,72;1;villages

(Somewhat) Game breaking superflats
These won't actually break your game, but you might experience lag, or the world will not 'work' properly.

Hell Flat
Description: Superflat fiery world! *With Nether mobs included

Preset: 3;1*minecraft:netherrack,1*minecraft:fire;8;

Old preset: 2;7,2x87,51;8;

Beacon Flat

Description: Lights everywhere!
Preset: 3;1*minecraft:bedrock,3*minecraft:emerald_block,1*minecraft:beacon;1;

Old preset: 2;7,2x3,133,138;1

with villages: 2;7,2x3,133,138;1;village

*note: this superflat doesnt work well in recent versions of Minecraft, I recommend trying it out in a older version!

TNT run, forever!

Preset: 3;1*minecraft:tnt,1*minecraft:sand,1*minecraft:light_weighted_pressure_plate;1;

With villages: 3;1*minecraft:tnt,1*minecraft:sand,1*minecraft:light_weighted_pressure_plate;1;village(size=100 distance=10)

Old preset: 1;46,12,72;1

With villages: 1;46,12,72;1;villages

TNT exploding everywhere
Preset: 3;1*minecraft:bedrock,1*minecraft:tnt,1*minecraft:fire;1;

Old preset: 2;7,46,51;1

With village: 2;7,46,51;1;village

Description: You hit a block, and everything starts to fall down!
Preset: 3;1*minecraft:sand;8;
Old preset: 1;12;2;

The Floor is Falling
Preset: 3;1*minecraft:fire,3*minecraft:leaves:7,1*minecraft:gravel;1;
With village: 3;1*minecraft:fire,3*minecraft:leaves:7,1*minecraft:gravel;1;village(size=100 distance=10)

With TNT: 3;1*minecraft:tnt,1*minecraft:fire,3*minecraft:leaves:7,1*minecraft:gravel;1;

With village: 3;1*minecraft:tnt,1*minecraft:fire,3*minecraft:leaves:7,1*minecraft:gravel;1;village(size=100 distance=10)

Old preset: 2;0,51,18,13;1;

With villages: 2;0,51,18,13;1;village

Sand and Torches
If you break some sand blocks, everything will start to break down!
Preset: 3;1*minecraft:bedrock,1*minecraft:torch,1*minecraft:air,3*minecraft:sand;1;

Old preset: 2;7,50,0,2x12;1;

(Warning!) Game breaking superflats

Lava + water
Preset: 3;1*minecraft:air,1*minecraft:water,1*minecraft:air,1*minecraft:lava,1*minecraft:air,1*minecraft:water,1*minecraft:air,1*minecraft:lava;1;

Old preset: 1;9,10,9,10,9,10;1

*Note: Might crash your game, or the preset will not work at all (recent versions of Minecraft)

Old Minecraft (prior to 1.7.0) working superflats
Infinite roller coaster v.1 and v.2

Preset: 2;7,2x152,27;1;

Preset 2: 2;7,2x3,76,2,27;1;

With villages: 2;7,2x152,27;1; village

#2 with villages: 2;7,2x3,76,2,27;1;village

Description: It might take a lot to generate (If it doesn't load close minecraft or use the task manager and open up minecraft again, the world will be there)

Warning!:The game will crash if you place or remove a rail, a stack overflow error will occur, don't close minecraft too soon when the world is generating.

Did I forgot something?
Is something not working?
Or would you like to share your experiences?

Let me know in the comments!

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CreditThanks to mojang the creators of minecraft for making this amazing game, and all the people who gatter some of this presets.

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  • Updated the whole format of the blog
  • Updated the presets
  • Added a few more superflat presets

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12/03/2017 3:19 pm
Level 1 : New Network
KoryMetalhead's Avatar
Hell Gradient

Starts normal, keep mining and you start to experience hell...

07/21/2016 4:26 am
Level 1 : New Miner
YipHyGamingYT's Avatar
Hi but can you make it all for minecraft 1.10? I kinda like those but whenever I paste in them it generates the normal superflat world as before!
05/31/2014 8:27 pm
Level 20 : Expert Unicorn
MelodyBunny's Avatar
lol. I don't know how to make presets but those look cool xD
05/31/2014 8:25 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
DeadAccount3445's Avatar
Whoa! Awesome! I have to check some of these out!
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