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avatar hooptiecoupe
Level 33 : Artisan Network
Hey guys, this is going to be an ongoing comic series that you get to take part in!
To join in on the discussions and shape the future of this series, go to: LINK

each week there will be a POLL @ the link above to help decide where the adventure will go.
this is a new twist on the 'choose your own adventure' stories old.

You will get to take part in the adventure and help choose which path the story goes down.
who lives? who dies? which way does our hero go? does he stay trapped on a planet? does he move on?
its all shaped by how you vote on the poll's or what your comments or discussions reflect about where the
story should go.

Currently, chapters 1-5 are pre planned with the base storyline, but.. the POLLS/VOTES may cause the
current storyline to be re-written another way....
You can also take part in future comics by being main or background players.
 Just click the link above and join in on the discussion to be a part of it

Chapter #2 - Time to wake up.

Chapter #1 - The Journey Home....

Ship Was created by Skallord. You can find it here: LINK

Texture pack By: Scamper3396 you can find it here: LINK

Main Actor played by: EthernalSlayer
Assistants: Alproplayer34

Big thanks to EthernalSlayer for poseing for the camera :)
If you'd like to take part in how this story devlops
feel free to join the coversation at the link provided above or discuss here.
I have 20 comics planned in this series,
with a possible off shoot comic afterwards.
CreditSkallord, ethernalSlayer, Scamper3396,alproplayer34

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 05/13/2015 3:34:39 pmMay 13th, 2015

Chapter #2 as been fully uploaded.

Its time to decide where our hero goes from here!

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Chapter 3 is a little behind schedule.
I've got the script complete, im just waiting to get with the actors to take the screenshots.

then, i'll start preping the pics. It should due out the first saturday of July
Only a few more days left before voteing ends and i have to start working on teh story line.
If you'd like to help shape the fate of our hero and what will happen to him....
click the link below and cast your vote :)

Chapter 2 is compelte! you can read it here if you dont want to wait...


I have to let it finish uploading to imgur, then. ill be posting here.
Sometime tongiht it should be ready to read on here.
The latest edition is completed.

I plan to publish to PMC sometime wednesday. I Just have to finish adding all the pics to
IMGUR. BIG thanks to alproplayer34 for assisting in me in taking better pics.
I'm pretty excited about Chapter 2. this chapter simply set the stage for whats about to come. :)

so far, the script for chapter 2 is about 20 strips, with about 10 more added
with no script, so theres a total of 30 pics for the next chapter.
Definantly a bit longer and will help flesh out where the story is going.

I really cant wait to show it off, but, it proably wont be ready until Friday night.
I've brought another freind in on it to help with makeing the screen capters more smooth when
there same backdrop is being used more than once.

All i need now is to bring in someone who maybe knows how to add FX's to the screenshots.
to indicate action, or to liven up the player movement and such.

By, chapter 5 though, we should def. have enough content to go back and do a live action
lets play version of the story! Thats what im most excited about
dang.. didnt work... :/ i was trieing to embed the player.. sorry, i'll fix

..EDIT... fixed it.. its all added now. :)

1 - 6 of 6

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