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Real nameHerobrine (Persson)OccupationMinerNationalitySwedishKnown forBeing a well-known Minecraft Meme

Herobrine is the subject of a community-made "creepy-pasta". He is a human entity, but with white eyes, and often seen as a dead miner.

The story behind Herobrine

Herobrine creates random constructions, such as pyramids and long 2-block-high tunnels. He also burns down, or cut off leaves from trees, and creates cobblestone -complexes underground, much like dungeons, lit with redstones torches He often appears at the edge of fog, in a tiny render distance.


There are many variations of Herobrine's behaviour, but they usually fall under two categories.

The stalker version of Herobrine is Notch's brother, who stalks the player, disappearing if approached.

The miner version of Herobrine is a vengeful miner that tries to ensnare the player in traps, presumably to steal their items. He waits for people to enter his dungeons, then either seals them inside, or "teleports" behind them, presumably killing them. Some variations of this particular version says he breaks the player's creations, and steals their items from chests.

Origins and popularity

It was only later that Herobrine grew in popularity, when the Brocast staff staged a hoax in one of their live-streams. Herobrine was introduced to the stream here (at 20:45).Herobrine first appeared in a single image detailing an encounter. It was posted on a thread in the forums, and gained very little attention. It stated how Herobrine had appeared in someone's single-player game, littering the map with various pyramids and tunnels.

Later on, there was another video showing Herobrine in a user-made lava field. The livestream went down after the player ran and saved, only to resume ten minute later, where Herobrine had disappeared.

During this stream, the player can be heard talking to his wife, stating he was trolling, which flooded the livestream chat with outrage. The player then faked a game crash.

During this crash, all watchers were redirected to another page, featuring Herobrine's face, but with real, frantically rolling eyes in the place of his block eyes, modified to be completely black.

When viewing the page's source, there were a jumble of characters and letters. after removing all non-alphabet characters, the following message was revealed.

In-game messages

If a player is killed by arrows fired from a dispenser in SMP, a message will appear saying "[Player name] was shot by Herobrine". This reference to Herobrine is nothing more that a mere reference.


Herobrine was stated to have been removed in Minecraft Beta v1.6.6. This was a joke, referring to Notch removing the Human mob.

He was also stated to have been removed in 1.7, as well as 1.7_01, this time with no reason apparent.

This repeated with the 1.8 Adventure Update, again with no apparent reason.

It again occurred in the full 1.0 release of Minecraft, again for no apparent reason.

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