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How to build a spaceship

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Diamondhackers's Avatar Diamondhackers
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Hi and welcome to this tutorial on how to build a spaceship. I primarily wrote this tutorial to help build my own creation, which of course is a spaceship! So today I am going to give you a ruff idea of where to start.

No planning required

This I suppose is the best way to go at a spaceship because there are really too many things to plan out. So step one get world edit, single players commands and a texture pack,them we can get going!

Block loads of it

K so step one is to build a large rectangle on your map. This can be as long as you want and I recommend for longer builds (150 block +) that the rectangle should be around 60 - 70 blocks wide.

Lift off! Erm bob did we have any fuel?

So tdaa! Your done! No just kidding! Next your going to have to make a transport system that runs the length of your ship. This is important as your crew and passengers need to be able to travel around with ease. In my case I used a minecart network that went straight up and down the middle of the ship. Off this should come less important stuff , like D class living quarters and the pool ad links to upper decks and pools ect.

Quarters and spaces

So the next thing on the o to do listo is the living quarters and facilities. Living quarters should have different classes like A B C and D A being the highest of comfort and being on one of the upper levels near the front and D being the worst at the back near the engines! You will then need facilities for your passengers like pools and night clubs. Remember to put them in suitable places. For example you wouldno t put pizza hut inside a hotel like The Ritz Carlton or The Intercontinental. But it might just be underneath a hostel.

Control rooms

The engine room is the most important part of the ship as it makes it move. Therefore it also powers all of the lighting. So if your up for a challenge why not link all the redstone lamps in your spaceship to this room were you can turn individual sections of the ship into darkness at the pull of a lever! How cool would that be!You will also want The Bridge. This is the place this ship is controlled from. You can make it fancy by outing things that look like computers everywhere. Something extra cool would be to have the enginse light up with redstone lamps so when you pull a lever in the bridge the lights on the engine go on making it look like you have powered up the engine!

The mall

What good would space travel be if you couldno t go shopping in a high class boutique! So maybe add a mall that stretches the length of your spaceship. If you want some inspiration perhaps google this o Dubai Airport Terminal 3 Duty Freeo it looks really spacey and big and whats more its like a mall!

Final note

Hope you enjoyed. If you found this useful please Diamond and leave your comments below!Subscribe!


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