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How to create a faction base (Ground Base)

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ThatOneOtter's Avatar ThatOneOtter
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Hey ThatOneOtter here with my How To blogs! This time I will show you how to make a ground base!

To make a ground base you need to be a strong faction. This will allow you to provoke awe and fear into the raiders hearts and slow, or even stop many raids. But awe is not enough! You need a strong outer wall with a heavily guarded entrance. If possible make the entire wall out of obsidian and add pistons that remove part of the wall so faction members can enter. Make this openable from the inside only. Is that it? No! In the case of your enemy breaching the outer wall you need traps. Ever since tripwires have been added it is easier to make traps that fire arrows. If possible add traps that make people as good as banned. Force down into rapid moving pistons that shove them around so they can't tp out. The only way to get out is to die of hunger. Then you can stop the pistons and collect their stuff! But say they make it out of the traps and into your main building! You will need inner base in the very back of your entire base. If possible make this a faction mod only room so only trusted people know about this. Coat it in 2 layers of water so TNT can't destroy it and add many traps that only mods know how to disable. And, yes once that gets breached you need a security measure. Lava. create a roof above your inner base that has sticky pistons and lava. Move the roof so the lava above it flows down and traps the raiders. If you really your base is beyond repair get all the materials you can and escape. The raiders are blocking the entrance you say? That is why back doors are needed in bases. If possible tell nobody about this until the scenario happens. This has been how to create a ground faction base and how to defend it. Diamond and subscribe for my final base How To! How to create a underground base.

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