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How to download custom resource packs

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Hi! My name is Bloxxed and I am here to teach you how to install custom resource packs.

[STEP 1] - Download the resource pack

It might seem obvious but you need to download your resource pack. I recommend this site because there is a lesser chance of viruses. Once it starts, click on the ∧ button. When the menu opens, select "Open when done".

[STEP 2] - Prepare the folder

Now that the folder has opened, prepare it for transfer by making sure it has every required file. Here is a list of what it should have.

  • assets - Folder
  • pack - Picture
  • pack.mcmeta - Document
[STEP 3] - Open "Run"

Go down to where it says "Type here to search". Type in Run. Click the program that appears. When the dialog box appears, type in %appdata%. When the file explorer launches, find the .minecraft folder. Locate the "resourcepacks" folder.

[STEP 4] - Copy the resource pack folder

This is the difficult part so read carefully. Find out where the resource pack folder is. When you find the location, open it. Make sure that the resource pack folder closes. Find the resource pack folder and without opening it, drag it over into the .minecraft resource pack folder.


[STEP 5] - Launch Minecraft

Launch Minecraft. Click the "Options" button. When the menu appears, click "resource packs" and find your pack. Click on the picture. Once it moves to the "Activated" section, exit the menu and open a world. Enjoy!

Good job! You've just successfully installed a resource pack to Minecraft! If it didn't work, watch the video.

Thanks for reading!


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