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Tips & Tricks | Building a Minecraft World

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avatar Outflow
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Hi! My name is Bloxxed and I'm here to share some of my building tips & tricks with you today. Unfortunately, I don't have a video to go with this one. Let's get started!

1. Search for ideas

You can't start a project without an idea! Brainstorm before starting to build.

2. Plan your project

If I were to build a large village, I'd probably want to figure out what I wanted in it. Otherwise, it would take much longer to finish.

3. Find a good, flat area

To start your project, it's vital to find a flat area in which to build. Unless you're building in the skies, I'd recommend starting in a flat area.

4. Map out your surroundings

Map out your surroundings by placing some landmarks. If you start to expand, you'd probably want to know when you're about to hit a giant forest.

5. Change the difficulty to peaceful

When you're building, the last thing you want is to have 50 slimes all over your work. Change your difficulty to peaceful. You can always go back later.

6. Keep your gamemode on creative

Unless you're building your own grave, I'd recommend using creative to complete a project. You have unlimited access to supplies and materials. If you decide not to follow through with number 5, you won't be covered in zombies either.

That's all, folks! I hope these helped you. Have a wonderful rest of your day.



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