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How to survive in minecraft. (Part 1)

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HaxHit avatar HaxHit
Level 42 : Master Creeper Hugger
PART 1: The Basics1. Chop some trees and make some wood
2. Make a workbench with 4 wooden planks
then make sticks wit 2 wooden planks
3. Then make some tools. (ex=sword, pickaxe, shovel, hoe, axe, etc)
4. now, find a perfect area for your shelter (ex=mountain, cave, plains, etc)
5 1/2. If your making a house: start placing materials for your house, then craft a door.
5 2/2. If your making a hole/living in a cave, make a door or trapdoor and some ladders
6. find some coal and make torches, also use cobblestone to upgrade your tools
7. now either go hunting or meditate until night-time falls
8 1/2. If your brave enough, get some weapons, and charge outside and killing every monster in your path!
8 2/2. if your not brave, close your doors and hide, if your on hard, zombies can break down doors
9. when its day, celebrate because you just suvived your first minecraft night!

Mob Info
Pig: drops porckchp
Sheep: drops wool depending on its color
cow: drops beef
wolf: can be tamed with bone
chicken: drops feathers and chickens, lays a egg from 5-10 minutes
horse: can be tamed and then can be controled using a saddle

Hosile Mobs
zombie: attacks you, can beak doors, infects villagers
creeper: is silent and explodes
skeleton: has a bow, it shoots at you
spider: is fast and can climb up walls
endeman: inspired by slenderman, can teleport, attacks when attacted or looked at
slime: spawns underground and on swamp biomes

Basic Crafting recipes:
Wooden Planks:
Wooden Pickaxe:

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