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The Adventures of Steve -=-Chapter 2-=- Infection Disease

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Chapter 2: Infection Disease
Steve again, woke up, this time, in a house, on a bed.
"ugh, what happened?" he asked
Then he remembered everything, when he stepped on the drop of lava, which made him fall unconcis
Then, a villager, or a thing that crossed its arms and had a squidward noise and went "HMMmmm"
"oh hello"Steve said
"do you need help with something?"
suddenly a million villagers started running around and going HMMMMMM
"Ahh!!!"Steve yelled
"oh wait, nothing is happening"
Steve remained calm while everyone else just ran around.
Steve then heard a zombie. He then peeked out the window, he saw zombies eating villagers brainz and infecting them.
"ohh" He said "I get whats up"
then a knock came on his door.
"who is it?" he asked. He opened the door thinking a panicing villager would come, but instead it was a zombie
Steve screamed and the zombie went ughhhh
steve started to punch the zombie to death, after about 67 fist punches the zombie collapsed
then steve just got tired and slept

to be continued
Creditmake sure you read the first chapter

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