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The Adventures of Steve -=-CHAPTER 1-=- A new World

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HaxHit avatar HaxHit
Level 42 : Master Creeper Hugger
Steve woke up,
he first saw the snout of a pig, which scared him half to death.
The pig went "oink, oink" and he walked away.
Steve could only see trees and flowers and roses and trees and trees.
He began to punch a tree as the sun rose up into the sky.
"Pop!" went the wood that broke.
"A flying tree...."Steve wondered. "How weird..."
He crafted a workbench with his 4 wooden planks he got from the wood,
He plonked it down and made sticks which then got stuck to a sharp edged head of a pickaxe!
Steve broke the workbench and began to walk. But then he heard a zombie, and noticed it had become dark.
"Uh oh" Steve thought. He ran and ran as the last spark of sunlight hit his eye,
which blinded him for a few seconds, which made him fall into a cave.
"AHHHHH" He tscreamed in his head. (steve can only think, not talk)
Athough when he started to scream he already fell on a soft sheep.
"Phew" He thought with a relief.
Huh? What's that??
"oh notch no"
Steve just ran not caring about his surrondings, he acidenlty stepped into a drop of lava.
"OW OW!!" He screamed
The creeper got scared and ran away, but Steve layed there, unconcis, his life slowly faded into oblivion.

To be Continued in Chapter 2
Creditim not super good at stories but this is my first try, lets see how it goes ;)

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