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How to write a good staff application!

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How to write a good staff application, by soliderproductions

This post is ment to show people how you should/can write an application!

Step one, find an interesting job!

Find a job you think you could fit in, may be a common one like these:
- HeadAdmin
- Admin
- HeadModerator
- Moderator

How to do this if you don't know -

If you don't know whitch of them to choose you should ask yourself some questions,
- How active can I be?
- Do I want to have much to do or not?
- Can I stand being talked to?
If you can be much active, can do much and stand being talked to, you are perfect for highter positions

When Applying:
Find the application, and if there are none make your own. Step two part 2 will show you how to do it without any applications ( By making your own).

Grammar- Use the best possible grammar you can, this will make a good impression.
Spelling- Write words right, so no one misunderstands you. Don't use abbreviations!
BE HONEST- No one likes liers. It's almost the worst thing. If they find out you will pobably be banned or fired, if before you even get hired,
they will not accepted (you will get denied).

PS: Write as you normally do, just keep an eye on what you're typing. Because if you write your application with good grammar,
they will expect you to do it all the time too.

Example one.

This is an application that i've copied from PMC's server recruitment forum.

Evrything i've written in [] is how you should answer on the questions.

Originally posted by, www.planetminecraft.com/member/minecraft_amier11/ and post and the post here, www.planetminecraft.com/forums/looking-for-staff-minigames-economy-huuuge-project-t318010.html)


In-Game Name (Required): soliderfighter [Your ign shouldn't be so hard to write]

Age (Required): 13, getting 14 in 30 days! [Age, remember be honest, no one like hackers)

Skype (Required until a Teamspeak is setup): Won't tell [I'm a bit private so I would have pm'ed the person it, when needed]

Have you ever been staff on another server?: Yes, I've been admin on a server called companycraft tekkit. I was promoted to admin after being a Helper. [Tell about you experince, like what you've done before as a staff member, doesn't have to be as a staff but it has to be something ralted to the theme]

Are you staff on a server at the moment?: Actually No. [BE HONEST]

A staff member is accusing another of abusing their powers, how do you handle this? Don't have time to write right now [I'm supposed to write a good tutorial, but I jus don't want to tell everyone what they can answer on questions like this to get hired, just answer how you would do it and that answer cannot be "wrong" but it can be a relly bad reason and with a bad reason you won't get hired. And why it isn't wrong is because this person cannot say that you think wrong, if you see what I mean.]

You have the commands /kick, /ban, /tempban and /mute what sort of rules do you think should apply to each of these commands being used?: I won't write answers for you! [When you apply DO THIS]

Do you have any experience with any plugins? And if so, what plugins?(This is not neccessary as a prerequisite for this position but is a bonus to have!): I don't want to list them all but,
and essetials.
[Follow the questions and answer, ps: it's pretty easy to find out if lied on questions like these, so I would recommend to answer only few plugins that you know perfect instead of writing plugins you only know a few commands of)

What time zone are you in?: CET/CEST (Summer and winter time)

Step two Part two.

If there are none apps write your own.

You should include some besic questions like
What (Like, what can you offer or what can you do)?
Additional questions!

Focus an grammar and such.

Example one:
Age: 14
Ign: soliderfighter
Why do you apply: Because I would like to be a staff member on you server(s).
What can you do for uss: Be nice and do what I asked to do.
Something else:@sp I'm from Norway.

This is a very short text try to write something much longer when you write your owne one, but don't write too much.

Thank you for reading, please favorite and diamond!

- SoliderFighter!
Founder of soliderproductions
CreditMinecraft_Amier11, legokid2000 and myself

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