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avatar Farworlder
Level 28 : Expert Theorist
I thought that my 34 subscribers (I know, I'm kinda famous right!) might like to know that today I'm leaving PMC forever.

Not to be dramatic or anything but I do not expect that I will ever be coming back.

While I cannot say exactly why I am leaving without violating the PMC rules, and I really, really don't want this to be taken down, I will say that I decided to leave after it became clear to me that PMC was not an environment that was open to dissenting views or opinions in discussion. I also thought that leaving I might want to recall some of my few, favorite memories from my more than four years on pmc.

One thing that I remember fondly is when Armok started including a bunch of my skins in his collection. They weren't very good, but it was encouraging, nonetheless to see that at least someone appreciated the work.

It was also quite encouraging when Aspirin60 subscribed to me. They had a ton of subscribers and it was really weird to me at the time to think that someone like that appreciated my skins.

I can't be remembering the good times on PMC without remembering playing on the cloud cats server run by Witherbrine1001. Although the server doesn't exist now as far as I'm aware and the server had some serious problems, I still made some great memories and spent a lot of my minecraft time there playing with: chickenpants93 JadeFire170 and Culpeo.

All in all, I had some great times on here, and in some ways, I'm sad to leave.

Thanks, to everyone who gave me a good memory here!

11/27/2020 5:01 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Turtle

I understand it
If you have a need to leave, so feel free

We cannot stop you(making your problem worse)
11/27/2020 3:37 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Dragonborn
36 subscribers now. I hope you have a happy life and enjoy whatever else you’ll do 🙃
11/27/2020 1:18 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Engineer
Make it 35 subs. Farewell, Farworlder. I understand why you would want to leave, and I know exactly what you mean. You aren't alone in your statement. Take care of yourself and enjoy your life. Remember that you always come first before the internet, nobody can say otherwise.
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