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Improv in Minecraft - Making Life Better

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Hello guys, Greytopher here with another special blog. In this blog, I will explain to you, in the best of my abilities, of when saying yes to others in Minecraft servers can get you farther than you were before. I hope you all enjoy! Like my new, fancy avatar? Yeah, made it myself (hopefully you can see it!). Umadbro?

Change Up Your Life a Little!

I think it's agreeable that we all have our routines. Sometimes, we feel like those Minecraft zombies when we wake up in the morning. My routine consists of either wanting to take a piss eat a lot and a lot of food. Our morning routines are basically a lazy way of getting things done. We're so used to what we do, it's hard to develop a habit out of it, and when we do change something, it could change up the rest of our day.

Let's say, one day, you're feeling a little different. Happier, perhaps, but want to do something about this boring and endless routine. This is where improv comes in. Improvisation happens everyday, whether you know it or not. Maybe improv comes when you're answering a question to your teacher, lying to your wife, or figuring out what to feed your dog. When you change things up unexpectantly, for me sometimes, you get this weird feeling of 'I'm a rebel!' in your stomach. Sometimes, this feeling is nice, other times, you have that feeling of guilt in your throat (depending on the person). This improvisation can really make your day better or worse, depending on your mood and effort to it.

Now, apply this to Minecraft. You're on your favorite server, and it's a boring day. Nothing out of the ordinary. You want to have some fun. So what do you do? You just go with it. Chill out, be talkitive, and before you know it, you've made some friends, and aim for something higher. You get to know the owner of the server well, and become great friends with the Moderators. See what happens? Opening up your life to what it throws at you can most of the time make a positive impact. Trust me, it makes life a lot more boring when you let yourself be yourself, not some up-tight kid.

Don't Overly Prepare...

Some of us may be that type of kid that overly prepares for a presentation. Sometimes, on PMC, you can overly prepare a cover photo that's heavily photoshopped. Some of the time, it doesn't look good. Do you know why? Because sometimes, over preparing can be a bad thing. This leads us only to focus on one thing entirely, not the whole thing together.

In example, say you're reading in class. Each student has an assigned part to read, so each kid prepares their part. These kids, in the midst of preparing what to say, or what to present, only focus on what their doing. They're not learning. Why aren't they learning? Because they're preparing so much, they don't listen to the kids before them. Therefore, they don't know what they're talking about since they have no context of the readers beforehand.

How do you know this, Grey? I've been reading a book on Improv in Drama class, and have found it very useful to read. I like how the author writes, it's intriguing, fun, and useful to read. I recommend it to all who are interested in acting, as it's a fun read. The book is called 'Improv Wisdom by Patrica Ryan Madson'.

Saying 'Yes' Can Improve Your Life...

As a Staff member on a popular server off of Youtube and PMC, I'm flooded by requests to rate someones build, fix grief, and help a player in need. Obviously, people ask for my permission. I have to say yes because it's my job, but what if it wasn't my job? What if I said yes, even though I didn't want to do it? This goes around your own selfish needs of your 'personal bubble'. This helps out others in their need, by saying yes and helping them out. Therefor, you can help others while also helping yourself become a little more social.

Now, here's a little social experiment to try out: If you have a co-worker/classmate/whatever that has an idea, support them for a week. Say yes to what they have to say, and help them follow their dreams in what they're trying to master. Hopefully, this will make you feel better about yourself helping others rather than improving your selfish needs! In Minecraft terms: Say someone has a build, and are having trouble with it. They ask you for help, and remembering to say yes, obviously you say yes. They keep on telling you what to do, and you comply with ease. In no time, this kids build looks sweet, and you feel accomplished. Since you helped them, now you get a favor in return.

Now, what this doesn't mean is to always say 'yes'. This is merely to say yes a little more than you usually do; it opens you up to try new and exciting things. A good example of what not to do when saying yes is the movie 'Yes Man' (Thank you dingousa for reminding me that this movie existed!). He obviously wasn't explained to say 'yes' to everything, and you don't have to. It's only a way to improve how you live with yourself.

Experiments You Can Try...

1) Spend a day without a plan. Don't prepare, and just go with the flow. Notice how a lot more at ease you are, rather than stressing what you're going to do next. Go out to a resturant you haven't been before, and order something you've never eaten. Minecraft wise: Build something that's a genre you've never build with before. Or, try an adventure map!

2) For one day, say yes to everything. If someone wants you to walk their dog, do a big project for work, run down and get them coffee, or swim with sharks, just say yes. Obviously, there are some restrictions to this, so use common sense (like if you have a health issue to a certain food). Minecraft wise: a friend you don't know very well wants to do an adventure map with you. Do it anyways! Notice the results.

3) Other ideas? If you have an idea, be sure to submit it in the comments below; I would love to see what you guys can come up with, and if it's really good, I will leave a link to your name and post it up here!

Obvious Restrictions...

Now, before you go off killing people, remember this: use common sense! If you have diabetes, don't say yes to eating a chocolate cake. If you just broke up with someone, don't say yes to killing your ex. Obviously, you shouldn't do those things. Just do things that would be appropiate, but fun. Not to harass your co-workers and get bad grades simply because your friend told you to.

Doing those sort of things will do the exact opposite of what it was meant for. I don't want to be held responsible for an idiot kid who tried to do these things without thinking straight. Use your brain, bro, it's there for a reason.

Hey! Hoped you liked this blog, it's a bit different then what I usually write about (lolz).

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06/02/2014 8:18 am
Level 33 : Artisan Geek
Skullduggerycain's Avatar
Post more. I miss your blogs!
04/07/2013 5:32 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Engineer
DannyDeeto's Avatar
I always go wit da flow!
03/19/2013 6:37 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
mr_marc's Avatar
Hmm I like this blog, it inspired me in some way. It is the frist one of your blogs I have read and I am looking forward to read more from you in the future, Grey :)
03/19/2013 8:28 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Pig
Greytopher's Avatar
Thank you very much, Marc :D Glad you like them so much, and now you know my alter ego.
12/09/2012 2:33 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Skinner
Kaduu's Avatar
O_____OI really like your blogs,and I never subscribed to you,tough I know you from much time.Also:This is for Minecraft or Real Life?
Minecraft-My only survival map is a survival island.I have no space to do anything.
My life is the normal routine digging billions of kiloblocks.I once stubled across another lane :)).

Real life-Well,it went pretty well.
11/13/2012 9:50 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Explorer
Jaceon's Avatar
Grey is a fellow theater student? HUZZAH!
11/13/2012 9:51 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Pig
Greytopher's Avatar
Of course I am! ;P
11/13/2012 11:44 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Explorer
Jaceon's Avatar
my older brother claims that students of Band are more odd than students of the stage. Pft.

yay I have something in common with grey!
11/13/2012 7:48 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Batman
smanrt's Avatar
I spent a day without a plan....got a gf xD
11/13/2012 5:05 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Blockhead
Ingus13's Avatar
Nice blog post. I enjoy improv
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