interview with OliverFrenchie!

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avatar dogfan101
Level 22 : Expert Pony
ok. dogfan101 here with OliverFrenchie, doing my first interview!!

lets get to the questions.
blue= dogfan101

how did you find out about minecraft
I watched X's Minecraft Lets Play series on YouTube

what made you want to want to STAY on minecraft
How diverse it is as a game I think. Theres so much to explore and do and expand on. Its limitless!

how did you like minecraft at first
I liked the simplistic graphics and how great a feeling I got when playing it.
weird. after i heard about HeroBrine, I can't play for more than 5 mins. on singleplayer

biggest minecraft fail
I was digging a diamond ore vein in a cave and turned around to see 2 creepers blow up and then lava flow into my pit.

fav. server
Jesuitical's Minecraft Assassins Server, I administrate it after all

biggest, awesomest moment in minecraft
I got a Fortune 3, Efficiency 4, Unbreaking 3 Diamond Pickaxe with Level 25.

how'd you find out about PMC
Through world downloads and whatnot on other people's videos. I grew to like the site and then started blogging.

how did you find out what name you were going to have on PMC
Name as in my username? Well, my name is Oliver and I'm french.

how did you get fam. on PMC
I blog a lot and I like putting effort, quality and sustainability into my blogs. I try to make them readable to everyone and readable at any time. In the end, people started to recognise them and eventually I grew to become a Site Moderator.

how did you get fam. on PMC
Well I just hit Level 50 which is one goal down. Next big goal is 1,000 subscribers I guess!

fav.skinner/modder/user on PMC
Ooo, Skinner has got to be either Dollars or DancingWalrus. Love those guys. Favourite Modder has to be TheBoo99 and favourite all round user... Hm... Ragnur_Le_Barbare most likely!

cool! say it with me OliverFrenchie, ''PEACE OUT, PEOPLEZ!''
this has been DogFan101 with OliverFrenchie

12/27/2012 6:01 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Artist
Oliver, i like you, the people liek you BUT the AC server is retarded they won't let me protest like in the real roman times so i got banned :P
12/27/2012 5:59 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Skinner
Looks like my interview.
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