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Jobs Plugin Guide Part 1 - Miner

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avatar TheFancyCritics
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*This is Serious, not like my other joke blogs*

This blog is to help people understand the [Jobs] plugin, great little plugin (By little, I mean massive), that grants people 1-3 jobs, depending on the servers owner. Basically, you do your job, you gain money and experience for it! Now, let us begin.

Part 1-Miner Introduction

As a miner, your main goal is to...mine. Go, mine stone, iron, coal, gold, diamond, and obsidian (The latter being the most expensive item to buy)! Your main tools are simple, food, armor (leather), pickaxes, torches, and a weapon, unless you're rich and want to buy soldiers to help you. (Explained later).

Part 2- Equipment

As a miner, you'll want to bring about 3-5 stone picks, 2 iron picks, and a diamond one. This will keep you set for adventuring. You'll also want to bring 2-3 swords, a chest, a bed, and lots of torches. You should bring blocks to barricade parts of a cave, and also, bring lots of food.

Part 3 - Partnership

As a miner, it is good to team up with a Digger, and a Soldier. Other jobs won't help you that much!

Part 4 - Mining

First off, mine stone, coal, and redstone, At times, these things are overlooked in Vanilla because they grant you little, or nothing. So, mining these will grant you money now! Still mine iron, gold, and diamond though. And if you find obsidian, mine it all up!

Part 5- Selling your goods

It is good if you own a shop, if not, sell to other players directly, and if the server has one, use the shop!

05/24/2012 5:33 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Crafter
Nice, Hunter next? :D
05/24/2012 5:47 pm
Level 26 : Expert Scribe
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